Woman Pops Massive Cyst With Screwdriver In Stomach-Churning Video

YouTube/Nicolette Madanat

Here’s another vile video of a woman popping a giant yellow cyst on her wrist and it’s just traumatic.

There have been plenty of these sorts of videos doing the rounds, all with varying degrees of grossness, but this one is particularly grim.

For some unknown reason, the woman behind the cyst chose a screw driver as her implement of choice, to dig into her mammoth wrist-cyst.

YouTube/Nicolette Madanat

Obviously it was never going to be glitter and sparkles that erupted out of her gargantuan boil, but the yellow pus that instead oozed out and dribbled down her wrist was just all kinds of vomit. Yuck.

I’m actually not sure how she managed to push that 16 gauge screwdriver so far into her cyst without reeling in horror, but she persisted and after managing to reach in a few centimetres, she pulled out to admire her handywork.

Now it gets really revolting, as at this point, she decides to drain the cyst and proceeds to press on it with her thumb, until a weird, translucent yellow pus oozes out.

The disgusting footage uploaded to YouTube by Nicolette Madanat has – for some reason – gone viral, having received over one million views, which must mean there are a lot of fans of pimple popping out there…

And for those who are particularly interested, this cyst is of the ganglion variety, which is a ball of fluid that ‘collects’ if you will, primarily on the back of hands and wrists. Nice.

This woman was pretty brave to get stuck right in there, that is not something I would be game for…
Absolutely grim. I hope you weren’t eating… If you were then you’re definitely won’t be now…