Woman Receives Death Threats For Size Of Her Boobs

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32k sound more like a TV screen resolution than a bra size, but 20-year-old Jasmin Vlassi has boobs that size, and has received death threats about them.


Having such a large bust causes Jasmin a lot of pain due to the rare bone disease she has which is not helped by their weight.

Because of this, she is very keen to have breast reduction surgery, and after years of waiting in pain, she has launched a GoFundMe to help pay for the operation.

Jasmin Vlassi/Facebook

As well as the physical pain she is in, the abuse she receives about her breasts affects her a lot.


Speaking to the Daily Record, Jasmin said:

I’ve had death threats and all sorts. I burst out crying the other day because I missed my bus stop from stressing out, so I ended up somewhere I didn’t know and took a panic attack outside a shop.

I was so lucky there was a nice woman there who called me a taxi to get home and let me stay in the shop. I was just that scared to be alone.

Jasmin Vlassi/Facebook

She continued:

It has been overwhelming trying to deal with it all. It’s been crazy the past few days, I’m trying to ignore all the negative stuff.

One person said something about how I should get punched in the throat and another said I should have my pout cut off whilst under the knife, which really was not nice to see at all.

I eventually had to just stop reading them because it was making me so scared in case someone actually wanted to hurt me. I was frightened.

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The customer service advisor said a number of surgeons have got in contact to help out, but she is going to stick with her original plan.

She explained:


I’m going to stick with the first clinic I went to.

They’re a great surgery and that’s originally what the GoFundMe was for, just a bit of support and help towards the deposit so I can pay the rest.

Jasmin Vlassi/Facebook

Despite receiving some negativity, Jasmin said most people have been kind and caring to her.

She said:

I’ve had so much help from people and it’s been beautiful to see that people care and want to give, as they didn’t need to at all, so it means the world.

There has been negativity too, but that’s okay because I know that those people don’t understand the story fully, that’s not their fault.

They just don’t know me, and it’s hard to tell the kind of person someone is without actually meeting and getting to know them.

I don’t think people understand that you could be wearing the biggest smile or pout and any kind of clothing, and still be suffering on the inside.

Jasmin Vlassi/Facebook

Jasmin has to pay a £1000 deposit plus a few more thousand on top of that.

So far she has raised £520 from 32 donations in two weeks, and you can donate to her fund here.

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