Woman Rips Up Wedding Photos After Shedding Half Her Weight

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Most brides I know have felt the need to slim down FOR their big day – not after.

That’s not the case for one woman, who, after seeing photos from her big day, was apparently appalled with what she saw.


In fact, she hated it so much that she decided to destroy her own wedding album.


Debbie Dyson-Fussey was so ‘disgusted’ with her 26-stone frame, she flew into a rage and ripped up all her photos.

That was clearly the light-switch moment for Debbie who, since 2009, has embarked on an incredible transformation.


The 36-year-old has now shed half of her body weight.


A year before her big day, Debbie had proposed to her husband Paul via text message.

When she began the search for her perfect dress, it started with a bridal shop who told her that they simply had no dresses large enough to fit her frame.


Now, having lost more than 13st in nine months, Debbie is re-planning the ceremony of her dreams.


Debbie, who’s from Hull, said:

I was that big I couldn’t get a dress to fit me.

I weighed 26st and I walked into a bridal shop and they said, ‘we haven’t got anything to fit you’.

I was heartbroken, I was so embarrassed – I came out of the shop and I sobbed my heart out.


Debbie continued:

I cried all the way down the aisle – what should have been the happiest day of my life was my worst.

When the photographs came through, I hated them, I ripped them up.

Paul said, ‘you look nice’ and I said, ‘I don’t, I look disgusting’, and I tore them up – I didn’t want them on my wall.


After joining Slimming World for the third time in August last year, Debbie now weighs just 12st and 12lbs, fitting in size 14 clothes.

Speaking about the dramatic weight loss, Debbie said:

I’m so much happier in myself.

Going from a size 26 to a size 14, I feel amazing, I’m not embarrassed anymore.

Debbie and partner Paul will renew their vows in February next year with Debbie saying:

I’m so looking forward to it – I can have my dream wedding now.

It’s true what they say – hard work really does pay off.

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    Angry bride ripped up wedding album in disgust at 26 stone frame before shedding half her body weight