Woman Shares Pics With Stoma Bag To Break Stigma Of ‘Invisible Illness’

Jade Hughes/Instagram

A defiant and beautiful young woman has been sharing inspirational photos of her with her stoma bag, in a bid to break the stigma of the ‘invisible’ illness, ulcerative colitis

Jade Hughes had her large bowel removed and an ileostomy pouch fitted last year after being in constant pain as a result of ulcerative colitis, a condition resulting in inflammation and ulcers of the colon and rectum.

The 24-year-old was 17 when she was diagnosed with the illness and in May 2016, Jade had her major operation which she says gave her life back.

Speaking to The Sun, she said:

The operation was life-changing for me and having the bag has just given me my life back. I used to carry around a change of clothes, a bucket and wet wipes everywhere I went.

I want to glamorise it, I want it to stand out when I’m in my undies I want it to look perfect and proud, not hidden in some granny pants.

Society thinks it’s best to keep it tucked away nicely but who cares what everyone else wants us to think about it?

It’s bloody lovely and it’s kept me alive when if I hadn’t had it, I’d be dead.

Jade shares gorgeous photos on her Instagram page and also writes a blog called Even Ladies Poop

Her blog is for people with Crohns, Ulcerative colitis, and ‘anyone coming to terms with a colostomy bag’.

She shares her stories as well as other people’s and offers advice.

For those of you who never take the time to read my posts… maybe you should! Then maybe you wouldn’t waste your time trolling my page to get your 5 minutes of whatever it is you feel your achieving by doing so. If it’s to upset me and make me feel like a piece of shit, well bravo, it worked. ?? yes I do feel like crap, yes I have cried all afternoon because of it, oh your shocked…. that some of us have feelings and aren’t pathetic time wasters like yourselves? Do you even realise how much it takes to post a selfie wearing a poo bag!? Do you ever stop and think and actually tell that dumbass brain of yours that maybe this person has been through enough… before you say she’s fat… has small tits… is disgusting or that things like a #shitbag should be private and covered?…. you know what F*CK YOU! (Sorry mum) truly try telling me something worth while, use your time for greater things like building someone up….. but while this small breasted fatty is posting things she might not be overly confident about in the first place, don’t you dare tell me I should hide away my #ileostomy, it saved my life, it is a little bitch to live with most days, I had an #illness where I would shit myself every day, 3 billion times a day. I lost hair, nails, my life…. it’s stopped me from having a #baby that I wanted. It took away one right every woman should have in life. It has stopped me from doing and achieving so much in life, and you want to try and take away the confidence I have with the aftermath of that illness… the #POO bag, OMG, how disgusting, well maybe I’d agree if I was actually posting the shit it pours every second of the day or showing my asshole, but I’m not. I’m actually trying to give others a boost, #happiness beyond the bag, getting rid of that horrible #stigma you all hide behind! When are you trolls going to grow the hell up and Live in the 21st century and realise this is ALOT of people’s lives and everyone of them matters!! Every single one! Time to start smelling the roses and realising it’s more than a shit bag, it’s my bloody life!! I never thought bullying would be a thing after school, oh how I was wrong! It needs to STOP!! ??

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Speaking about how people expect her to ‘hide’ her bag away, she wrote on her Instagram about a convention she went to, which left her disappointed:

I went to a sh*tbag convention yesterday, I was really looking forward to seeing the different bits they had going on but can honestly say I was just disappointed.

I saw an underwear stand and thought that’s perfect for me, I love anything frilly and pretty, as I got there the underwear was (pretty) yes.

But it covered every little detail of the bag, the woman advertising turned to me and said ‘these are just perfect so you can hide it and never know it’s there’… well lady, NO I don’t want to hide it! I want to glamourise it, I want it to stand out when I’m in my undies I want it to look perfect and proud, not hidden in some granny pants!

The post continued:

(No offence) but I’m sick and tired of going to these little outings and just feeling low about it afterwards… society thinks its best to keep it tucked away nicely… well bugger what society and other ars*holes think about it, its bloody lovely it’s kept me alive when if I hadn’t had it I would be dead.

So if any of you have ever been told it’s a ‘perfect way to hide your stoma’ it’s not, it’s you and you are brilliant and LIVING!!

I really understand people aren’t confident having it, but is that because you’ve told yourself it’s ugly or you think other people will find it ugly?

Ask yourself that question I guarantee you’ll get your answer within seconds.

I’m not hiding my stoma in granny’s knickers I’m gonna prance around in skimpy undies and flaunt it!

Yes! Go Jade!