Woman Shaves Head On Camera And No One Can Believe The Results

SAARA / YouTube

A YouTuber has reached viral Internet super-stardom after shaving her head for her followers to see. 

Sara, who goes by SAARA on YouTube, has stunned millions of people, following in the footsteps of trend-setting women before her, like Natalie Portman, Amber Rose, Cara Delevignge and Solange, by shaving her head.

Her video has since hit 2,259,116 views, at the time of writing and has received 104,000 likes, with 3,000 inexplicable dislikes from the public, despite the fact Sara looks, (and feels), amazing.

SAARA / YouTube

Pulling the electric clipper to her shiny locks, Sara exclaims:

I have been wanting to do this for the longest time, for as long as I can remember really, kind of like a bucket list thing.

But I always thought I’d put it off and wait for the time to be ‘right’.

Well, listen up world, the time is never going to be right. So do whatever you want – as long as you’re not hurting anyone!


Holding back happy tears, Sara gets excited about the prospect of seeing her scalp and finally fulfilling a long-standing fashion-defying dream of hers.

Deep down, she’s probably thinking about all the money she’s going to save on endless over-priced hair products too – not to mention all the extra shower time long hair requires.

As the process of shaving a lifetime’s growth of hair continues, Sara demonstrates a fantastic variety of shocked – but seemingly rather genuine – facial expressions.

SAARA / YouTube

Speaking on behalf of all women everywhere, Sara explains her shaving solution, saying:

Honestly, I just don’t like my hair. I have like this crazy relationship with my hair.

Like, I’ve never been happy with how it looks and it’s just always in the way.

I’m very active and I’m constantly doing something and I like to have my hair out of my face. But doing this, honestly, just kind of eliminates that problem.

SAARA / YouTube

It sounds to me like Sara has been on the receiving end of hair trapped in coats, by rucksack arm straps, in pesky bobbles, the teeth of vicious combs, and underneath stray elbows; an experience that, trust me, results in untold pain for the long-haired among us.

She adds: 

I like to think that beauty isn’t derived from hair and so my beauty is not defined by the lengths of my hair, or the looks of it, and I just kind of want to feel free.

SAARA / YouTube

The video has received an overwhelmingly positive reaction with people dubbing Sara both ‘brave’ and ‘beautiful’.

Disregarding the bizarre fact a woman is called ‘brave’ for cutting her hair off and defying modern day beauty standards, the transformation couldn’t have gone better for Sara.

One wrote:

Girl, you are beautiful with your hair on and off! You have inner and outer beauty. That’s a fact.

? #buzzcut #shavedhead #mood #style #motd #makeup #hashtaghell

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Ahmad Darkńess weighed in with an opinion literally no one asked for, saying:

You were more beautiful when you had hair sara. It seems that celebrity life pushed you to change your look and style.

You can watch the whole head-shaving-segment in the clip below:

Ahmad was berated accordingly in the comments section.

Scalps are sexy. You heard it here first.