Woman Wears Hidden Camera To Catch People Looking At Her Cleavage

Chris Zelig

A woman in New York decided to raise awareness for breast cancer by secretly filming everyone who ogled her chest. Genius.

Whitney Zelig installed a secret camera in one of the buttons of her low-cut top before walking through Manhattan, filming to see how many people had a cheeky glance at her cleavage.

After watching the video, it’s fair to say the people of New York couldn’t help but steal a look at her chest.

But instead of sharing the video simply to confirm that, yep, people are pervs, the 29-year-old had an important message behind the light-hearted booby video.

The idea behind it was to encourage women to check their breasts to catch breast cancer in the early stages, because the earlier the signs are noticed, the more treatable the cancer is.

Whitney can be seen wandering about the Big Apple while pretty much everyone she comes across has a little ogle. That includes men, women and even a dog, proving no one is immune from a casual stare.

Woman Wears Hidden Camera To Catch People Looking At Her CleavageChris Zelig

The amusing clip ends by delivering a serious message, which reads:

Ladies, don’t forget to check out your own breasts too. Early detection saves lives.

According to Cancer Research, one in seven women in the UK will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, while National Breast Cancer Foundation says one in eight women in the US will also receive a diagnosis.

However, as the video suggests, if the cancer is caught early, the chances of surviving are a hell of a lot better.

One survivor is Whitney’s mum, who was the inspiration behind her taking part in the video.

Woman Wears Hidden Camera To Catch People Looking At Her CleavageChris Zelig

For that reason, among others, Whitney, her brother Chris, and their friend CJ Koegel decided to put together the cheeky video to help raise a bit of awareness.

I think it’s fair to say they certainly managed to capture ours, and many other people’s attention. Bravo.

This isn’t the first gimmick video with a secret important message Chris and CJ have made. In 2014 they made a similar video of people staring at a woman’s backside to raise awareness of prostate cancer in men.

It ended with a message advising men to get their own bums checked out, instead of staring at women’s rears.

Not all heroes wear capes – some wear carefully positioned cameras on their boobs.

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