Woman Wipes Period Blood On Her Forehead For Spiritual Healing

by : Francesca Donovan on : 21 Apr 2019 20:09
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A woman is sharing selfies after ‘anointing’ her ‘third eye’ with her own period blood in the name of ‘female empowerment’.

Chloe Isidora, an expert in Shamanism, Crystalline Consciousness and Herbalism, is on a mission to connect women to their menstrual cycles.

In doing so, she has utilised the power of social media in an attempt to debunk a few taboos about the life-giving time of the month – but it’s not to everyone’s liking.


Her selfies with period blood wiped onto her forehead and across her cheeks, in her own words, represent an act of ‘marking yourself as sacred’.

But Chloe has lamented the fact she gets messages in her inbox calling her ‘fucking crazy’.

You can check out some of her selfies in the compilation post below:


She has offered an explanation for her so-called anointing process, writing on Instagram: 

When you are bleeding you are most connect to Spirit, this means that you can receive many insights with deep clarity, your inner guidance and inner wisdom are at its strongest.

It is a powerful time. When you anoint your 3rd eye with your blood it brings you into an even deep presence with yourself. You are honouring your blood marking yourself as sacred.

By honouring your bleed time and blood you are rewriting the the stories around periods being disgusting, dirty and labeled as the ‘curse’.


She concluded her actions claim her ‘full empowerment as a women’ which she justifiably adds is her ‘birth right’. Despite the hate, Isidora told Dazed Digital she will continue in her desire to connect women to their menstrual cycles.

She mused about the societal taboo synonymous with periods, adding:

Connecting and being in tune with our menstrual cycle is everything. It’s total madness that one of the most integral parts of our womanhood has been hidden in the shadows for so long.

If you think about it when you first got your period, how did you feel? Was it celebrated or hidden?


The former fashion assistant isn’t alone. A Californian woman called Demetra Nyx also uses her own period blood to share messages of female empowerment, writing slogans like ‘Shame Less‘ on her thighs in the fluid.

To be fair, if you’re squeamish about their Instagram accounts, you a) don’t have to follow them and b) probably should’ve listened harder to where you came from in Biology class.

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