Woman With 34K Breasts Asks Strangers To Pay For Reduction Surgery

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A woman, whose breasts won’t stop growing, has now started a GoFundMe page to help pay for her breast reduction.

23-year-old mum-of-two, Sheridan Larkman, is in desperate need of surgery to reduce her breast size and unfortunately, because she lives in Australia – where health care isn’t free – the procedure is too expensive.


Due to this, Larkman – who’s chest size is currently 34K – has started her own GoFundMe to pay for the surgery she needs.

Check out the video of Sheridan below:

Larkman, who was a D cup from the age of ten, has had to deal with several medical problems caused to her shoulders and back, as well as unsavoury comments left by (unsurprisingly) male voyeurs, report the Mirror.

Her chest continues to grow, which has made her condition much more severe. The Australian-native went to see her doctor when she was 16-years-old, when she was a size HH and he explained to her she would only go up one more bra size.


However, it turns out his assessment was wrong – they’ve continued to grow and she’s worried by the fact she doesn’t know when it will stop.


Speaking to News.com.au, Sheridan said:

They’ve grown all my life, what’s to say that’s going to stop now?


To make matters worse her chest size has received countless, (and tasteless), comments from men across the globe, desperate for topless photos.


The mother of two told News.com.au:

I’m not like that and because I have young children, it concerns me if I’m showing the tiniest bit of cleavage.

Sometimes you can’t help that. My children are exposed to that, they might think it’s normal for men to speak like that to them one day?

Seven / Today Tonight

Her increasing breast size has caused her so many problems, which is why she’s now resorted to asking the general public to help her.

She’s hoping to raise $10,000 AUS (£7,500) on her GoFundMe page and is currently at $2,303 AUS (£1,319), at the time of writing.

On the page she writes:


Please help de-stress my chest. I am 23-year-old mum of two, I have had breasts since around the age of 8, I’m currently sitting at a 12K or 34K (uk). I have seen a fitter who believes I’m definitely needing a larger cup size.

I’ve struggled my whole life with the size of my breasts and how they impact on daily activities and hobbies…

I’ve been seen by my GP since the age of 16 regarding a Medicare funded reduction, but I’m still yet to get any further. My breasts are draining my health, I have mild scoliosis, constant back and shoulder pain and I am so tired of dressing to try and cover everything so I don’t get crude comments that I’ve dealt with for as long as I can remember…

If you would like to donate to Sheridan’s GoFundMe page you can do so by clicking here.

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