Woman With Meningitis Shares Shocking Images Of Her Body To Warn Others

by : Tom Percival on : 06 Oct 2016 05:57

Warning shocking images.


A young woman who caught the deadly infection meningitis has posted a number of traumatic photos of herself online as a warning to others.

25-year-old Charlene Colechin caught the disease which causes a rash, headaches, nausea and potentially organ failure a month ago, and although her condition has stabilised she now faces possible amputation of her feet, The Daily Star reports.

Charlene shared the harrowing pictures on Facebook to try and raise awareness of the deadly disease after she was rushed to Chesterfield Royal Hospital, Derby, after her organs began fail.


Charlene said:

These are not nice photos but this is the reality of what meningitis can do. I had the worse type of meningitis you can get.

It made all my organs fail which did cause me to die but obviously they brought me back.

The photos Charlene shared show her lying in her hospital bed covered in a dark, purple rash that apparently spread across her skin in just an hour.


Charlene’s symptoms began as a headache and vomiting but her condition deteriorated over night and the began to appear.

She now wants people on Facebook to share her photos ‘to raise awareness of how serious meningitis can be and is’.

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