World’s Heaviest Woman Loses An Incredible 38 Stone

by : UNILAD on : 13 Apr 2017 12:03

The world’s heaviest woman has shed a life-changing 38 stone following surgery in India.


36-year-old Eman Ahmed weighed an astonishing 78.7 stone prior to medical intervention, reports the Mirror, and had to be winched into hospital via the use of a crane.

The Egyptian-born woman suffers from elephantiasis, which causes massive swelling to the body and is contracted via parasitic infection.

Born weighing 11 lbs, Eman was too heavy to walk by the time she reached 11 years of age and soon became bedridden – a situation that she endured for 25 years.


She was admitted to Saifee Hospital, Mumbai, a month ago and doctors confirmed she has since lost half of her body weight.

This dramatic weight loss means Eman can now sit up in bed – which may sound like a small achievement, but is a huge progression for the long-suffering woman.

Dr Kamlesh Bohra was part of the surgical team which reduced her stomach in size by three quarters.

It is also reported that Eman was discovered to be suffering from a rare genetic disorder that confused her body into believing it was aways hungry – since treatment however, Eman’s progress has wowed medical staff.

Bohra said:

Usually, weight reduction does not happen this fast.

In her case, the diet designed after her surgery is responsible.


Eman still has to lose more weight in order to be properly medically assessed via a CT scanner.

Ahead of surgery she suffered multiple seizures and strokes, causing paralysis in the right side of her body.

Progress is being made though, and from her hospital bed Eman thanked all those who have helped her reach this stage of her journey.

Eman is said to be missing her home in Egypt, but hopes to return in the not-too-distant future – a very real prospect if she maintains progress.

Keep it going Eman!

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    World's heaviest woman now half the size she used to be after losing 38st post surgery