WWE Legend Had A Stroke While Having Sex

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Wrestling legend Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler has revealed he recently suffered a stroke while having sex.


Lawler was having some, ermmm, sexy time, with his fiancé three weeks before WrestleMania 34 which took place on Sunday, April 8 – and amazingly, he actually recovered enough to commentate during the event.

The 68-year-old, who famously had a heart attack live on air during Raw in September 2012, was speaking on his Dinner With The King podcast.

Listen to his podcast here:


Talking about his latest scare, Lawler said it happened while he and his partner, Lauryn McBride were – in his words – ‘expressing love for each other in a certain way’. If you know what I’m saying.

He said:

I got up and I said something to Lauryn and I didn’t really feel anything, and she said: “What did you say?”

And I realised then that whatever I said didn’t sound right, and then she looked at me – we made eye contact – and she said: “Oh my God, Jerry, go look in the mirror.”

I walked around to the bathroom and I look in the mirror, and the whole right side of my mouth is drooping all the way down to my chin.

Lawler said he soon realised he was unable to speak and Lauryn then screamed: “Oh my God, you’re having a stroke.”

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He said doctors quickly realised he had a hemorrhage in his brain, and he was rushed to the hospital’s intensive care unit.

Lawler told WWE:

It was a pretty scary situation. When they got me back from the CAT scan, they informed me, too, that where the blood was bleeding out was on the cognitive part of my brain, which controls your speech and part of your memory, so at this time, I really couldn’t say anything.


The whole thing happened on March 21, leaving him unable to speak for over two days but amazingly, he has gone on to make a full recovery and was back to call the action at WrestleMania last weekend. Nice one, Jerry!

WrestleMania 34 saw the return of Daniel Bryan.

The four-time WWE champion was medically cleared to wrestle for the first time in more than two years.


Bryan (real name Bryan Danielson) had to announce early retirement in February 2016 after suffering ‘at least 10 concussions’ and seizures. Nasty.

Yet the 36-year-old WWE star said he’d been given the go-ahead after seeing ‘a number of leading neurosurgeons and neurologists, as well as WWE’s Medical Director’, according to TMZ Sports.

Wrestling fans everywhere hoped the announcement would be part of a storyline and all one big ruse, in which Bryan would reveal he wasn’t injured at all and would be back for WrestleMania 32 in the April of that year, but it wasn’t to be.

On the night of his announcement, Bryan stepped out and gave one of the most emotional farewell speeches in the history of WWE to a devastated audience in Seattle, as well as the millions of viewers watching at home.

Bryan revealed, despite months spent trying to get cleared to return to the ring, the WWE and their concussion expert Dr. Joseph Maroon, had refused to give him the ok. Which was probably a wise move.

He said:


It gets to the point where you’ve been wrestling for 16 years, that adds up to a lot of concussions. It gets to a point where they tell you you can’t wrestle any more.

A week and a half ago I took a test which said maybe my brain isn’t as okay as I thought it was. I have a family to think about and it is with a heavy heart and the utmost sadness that I officially announce my retirement.

He made his comeback at WrestleMania 34 and it was great to see him back in action.

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All the best to both legends!

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