You Can Overdose On Earl Grey Tea

by : Cameron Frew on : 19 Jun 2021 17:35
You Can Overdose On Earl Grey TeaPA Images/Twinings

We all love a cuppa. However, it turns out there is such a thing as too much Earl Grey tea. 

Thousands, if not millions start their day with a cup of tea. As the morning progresses, you’ll make yourself another. Into the afternoon, you might fancy another with a biscuit. Later that evening, why not have another one as you stick on the telly or a movie?


Well, a case study from May 2001 is a good reminder for doing everything in moderation. For all the tea jennies out there, this is for you.

Who knew you could have too much tea? (Pexels)Tea

As reported by The Lancet, a 44-year-old man was suffering from muscle cramps. Prior to this, he had no alarming medical history.

However, he loved tea; so much so, he drank up to four litres of black tea every single day for 25 years. He changed to Earl Grey after suffering some gastric pain, but just one week later, he got muscle cramps in his right foot. Soon, the pain became more intense and also occurred in his left foot, before spreading to his hands and calf.


A host of issues soon followed. ‘He noted distal paraesthesias in all limbs, and a feeling of pressure in his eyes, associated with blurred vision, particularly in darkness. On neurologic examination he had reduced visual acuity and fasciculations in the right tibialis anterior and adductor pollicis,’ the journal explains.

Maybe don't drink four litres of tea. (Pexels)Pexels

Other tests came back relatively normal, with serum and urine potassium, chloride, calcium, magnesium and phosphate coming in at average levels.

After five months, the patient switched back to black tea. ‘Within one week, his symptoms had completely disappeared. Symptoms also remained absent if he completely withdrew from tea, which he did in the nature of experiment, for about a week. He found that his symptoms did not recur as long as he consumed no more than one litre of Earl Grey daily,’ it adds.


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