You Won’t Believe The Reason El Chapo Was Finally Caught

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Unless you’ve been dying on the couch of a hangover for the last day, you’ll know by now that El Chapo has been caught.

The drug lord was on the run for six months following his second escape, after being on the run for over a decade, before being caught in 2014.

Now, back in the custody of the authorities, he’s been returned to the SAME jail he initially escaped from – yeah, probably not the brightest idea.

El Chapo was eventually caught because, get this, he was making a biographical film of his life. So we can add narcissist to drug lord then.

His ‘people’ contacted producers and actresses, who obviously contacted authorities, letting them know just what was going on.

A three hour gun battle then took place, with five suspects being killed and six more being arrested – including El Chapo.

Given this is where El Chapo was living, he’s probably not too happy about returning to prison.

That being said, I bet they watch him closely in the showers now.