Ban On Legal Highs Delayed As Government Don’t Know What They Are

by : Tom Percival on : 31 Mar 2016 15:01

The British government can’t quite figure out what psychoactive substances actually are, and this has postponed their ban on legal highs for at least a month.

The imaginatively titled ‘Psychoactive Substances Act’ was supposed to come into effect on April 6 and was supposed to ban any substance capable of producing psychoactive effects – not including our nice and legal (and taxable drugs) alcohol, nicotine and caffeine, Konbini reports.


However, the Home Office has said that the government’s been forced to put the ban on hold, following claims that its current definition of psychoactive substance is confusing and unenforceable.

Karen Bradley told MPs on Easter Sunday:

We need to ensure the readiness of all the activity necessary to enable the smooth implementation of the legislation across the UK and to support law enforcement…


Now May 1 will be the earliest possible option for its introduction, if they can introduce it at all.

Earlier this month an advisory council on the misuse of drugs ruled that poppers should be excluded from the act after they revealed the substance had no direct effect on the brain.


Legal highs like poppers are thought to be half of the reason behind the ban and many people were quick to point out though, things such as perfumes, flowers, eye-drops and incense sticks would also be prohibited under the proposed ban.

The government having  a half baked ides? Surely not…

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    Britain’s Ban On Drugs Has Been Delayed Over Psychoactive Confusion