Donald Trump Ahead Of Clinton In Polls For First Time Since May

by : UNILAD on : 01 Nov 2016 13:28

With the results of the U.S. presidential elections merely a week away now, the race to the White House is seriously hotting up.


But despite his controversial campaign, Hillary Clinton has struggled to take advantage and maintain a serious lead over the billionaire businessman and seemingly remains just as unpopular with voters.


When you also add in the leaked FBI emails fiasco which is now rearing its ugly head once again, after the bureau opened up a new investigation into emails sent during her time as Secretary of State, we head into a period of uncertainty.

And it seems that by the outrageous standards of this election – the ridiculousness of which is perhaps best summed up by author Salman Rushdie’s reminder that Trump faces trial ‘in November accused of racketeering, and again in December accused of child rape’ – that this has seriously damaged her chances of winning, especially if this new poll is anything to go by.


A poll by ABC has put ‘The Donald’ a single percentage point ahead of Hillary for the first time since May.


Despite the result remaining within the broadcaster’s margin of error, they said the leaders changing places is worth paying attention to with only seven days remaining until election day.

For the past week or so ABC has put the two candidates practically neck and neck, with the average results suggesting that Clinton was ahead by only 0.4 of a percentage point, The Independent reports. It really is too close to call.

Any hopes that there was a ‘serious’ alternative were probably over before it began, with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson dropping to a new low of 3 per cent and Green candidate Jill Stein coming in at 2 per cent.


The TV network hadn’t put Trump ahead in the polls since the 23rd of May, when Trump had just clinched the GOP nomination and Clinton was still fighting it out with Bernie Sanders.

It would be worth us saying though that polls aren’t always an exact science, even when we’re this close to the election- take Brexit as the prime example. But it’s a handy indicator of the current mentality of the electorate.



I for one really don’t envy the decision they’ll have to make by November 8th. How did it seriously come to this!?

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