Four Dead In ‘Terrorist Incident’ Outside Houses Of Parliament


A loud explosion and gunshots have been fired outside the Houses of Parliament in the past few moments. 

Although information is scarce at the moment – it has been confirmed by an official source that an attacker was shot and three police officer have been injured. One officer died at the scene.

It is suspected that a car, thought to be a 4×4, drove into numerous pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, injuring ‘dozens’ according to eyewitnesses, before crashing into the railings of Parliament where the driver left the vehicle and attacked a police officer.

One woman and a man have since been confirmed dead by St. Thomas hospital while numerous others have ‘catastrophic injuries’.

Met Police Commander, BJ Harrington, spoke to the press two hours after the attack, saying:

I will confirm the facts from today but I will not speculate. The events near Parliament Square, Westminster have been declared a terrorist incident and a counter terrorism unit is currently investigating the attack at Westminster.

There are a number of casualties including police officers at Westminster.

I will not speculate. The public should remain vigilant. Share and hand in any information, footage, pictures to the police and if you see anything at all suspicious ring 999 immediately.

Harrington added that the Head of Scotland Yard was present at the attack.

Police are referring to the attack as a ‘terrorist incident’.

Around four shots were reportedly fired, according to the Mirror.

There are reports of another incident on Westminster Bridge with some witnesses claiming that ‘at least a dozen’ people were ran over with a car.

One eyewitness told Sky News:

[Man with knife] was inside Palace of Westminster. Someone rushed through, attacked a policeman… he appeared to be carrying a knife. We heard lots of gunfire.

Another said:

We heard a very loud bang outside the press gallery. We heard lost of shouting, there were men running around. Then I looked to my left and someone rushed through gates at Westminster and attacked a policeman.

Another policeman came and rescued him and the man who assaulted him got up and appeared to be carrying a knife. We heard lots of gunfire. Five or six rounds.

The attacker has been described as ‘Asian’ and carrying a seven inch knife.

Parliament is currently in a state of lockdown while police carry out a search in the building.

Worryingly, today is the first year anniversary of the horrific attacks in Brussels last year which left 32 people dead.

Our thoughts go out to the families of all those injured and killed in today’s horrific and cowardly attack…

More to follow