How The World Stood Strong With Paris After Last Night’s Terror Attacks


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After last night’s horrific attacks in the French capital that saw 140 people lose their lives, millions of people from all over the world took to social media to stand tall against terrorism.

The violent attacks swept the city at around 8.30pm UK time. The initial reports came in the form of two explosions, with further reports of shootings coming shortly afterwards.

By 10pm, French Police had confirmed that at least 18 people had been killed, with more to be confirmed. Meanwhile, there were also reports of shootings at the Bataclan theatre. The rest is history.

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In 2015, not a lot can happen in the world without it making its way onto social media, and sometimes this isn’t necessarily a good thing. However, last night, social media proved to be a ray of sunshine over what was undoubtedly a very dark moment for a very historic city…

As Paris turned out their lights as a sign of mourning, the rest of the world lit theirs in French colours.

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It’s not just the well known who are showing their support though. Hundreds of people queued to donate blood at the Saint Louis hospital in Paris this morning, in an act of kindness that has become more and more common during situations like these.

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As it stands, Paris is at a standstill. The Eiffel Tower remains in darkness, and the majority of the city’s shops and major landmarks have closed their doors.

David Cameron says the UK should be “prepared for a number of British casualties”, but our thoughts go out to EVERYONE involved in this terrible situation.