ISIS Fighter’s Diaries Reveal How They’re Rewarded For Attrocities


Last week Kurdish forces reclaimed the Iraqi town of Bashiqa from IS, and found in-depth details of how the terrorist fighters are rewarded for committing atrocities.

ISIS created underground urban fortresses in the town where they hid, prayed, slept, ate, and kept documentation, including personal diaries, Sky News reports.

One document was particularly striking as it detailed how IS leader motivated and rewarded individual fighters according to what they had destroyed.

The greatest reward was seven gold dinars for any individual who destroyed a enemy plane, helicopter, drone, or tank.

The smallest reward was one silver dirham for capturing an apostate or ‘unbelieving’ soldier.


Here’s the full list:

  • Plane, helicopter or drone – seven golden dinars to the unit or individual which shoots it down
  • Tank – seven golden dinars
  • Armoured vehicle – four golden dinars
  • Other vehicles – two golden dinars
  • Snipers – one dinar if it is filmed or half a dinar with a witness
  • Hit any military target – one silver dirham on condition of footage or a witness
  • Using chemical weapons through mortars and rockets – 10 silver dirhams per rocket/mortar
  • Killing an apostate or “unbelieving” soldier – 10 silver dirhams (killing in any way except by sniper)
  • Capturing an apostate or “unbelieving” solider – one silver dirham

Fighters are asked to record what they have done and submit it to IS leaders.

Another document went into detail about an IS order that no Muslim should give into the temptations of pre-pubescent boys ‘with a beatiful face and a good looking body’.


The decree read:

As it is said, with a maid there is only one devil – with a young boy there are two devils and as you know, God punished Sodom.

That is why we order the following: to shave the heads of pre-pubescent boys – those who have no beards yet. The Prophet says anyone who looks at a young boy with desire will be locked in hell for 40 years by God.

All the Muslim scholars prohibit looking at young boys and you should not stay in the house with a young boy.


The details of all the weaponry held at the base were there, as well as code books that showed numbers and their meanings.

Soldiers would suffer three days of punishment if they did not use theses codes:

  • 750 – Dead Islamic fighter
  • 760 – Wounded Islamic fighter
  • 770 – Under bombardment
  • 780 – Incoming bombardment
  • 810 – Advancing
  • 820 – Withdraw

Peshmerga soldiers, backed by artillery and US-led coalition air strikes, advanced on Bashiqa from three directions on Monday morning.

Meanwhile Iraqi Military found a horrific scene in south Mosul of 100 decapitated bodies.