Louis Smith Accused Of ‘Terrible Sportsmanship’ For This Max Whitlock Olympic Snub

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In a superb day for Team GB, which saw them overtake China into second place in the medals table, Max Whitlock bagged two historic gold medals in less than two hours.

He became the first ever Briton to win an individual gymnastic gold medal at an Olympic Games, a moment worth celebrating for sure.

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But for fellow compatriot Louis Smith, who was pipped to first place in the pommel horse final by Whitlock, didn’t appear too gracious in defeat.

It’s believed Smith mumbled ‘that’s bullshit, man’, as he hugged American bronze medallist Alexander Naddour when they realised their scores had been overtaken.


Louis is now facing a load of backlash, after he appeared to not congratulate his team-mate.

He had spent most of the previous 15 minutes kneeling on the floor and leaning against a barrier as he nervously waited on whether anyone would leapfrog his impressive score. By the end, Whitlock had dashed his gold medal hopes.

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Louis was so distraught that he had to be comforted by a Team GB colleague. Only a few moments later, Max approached him and offered a handshake. The pair then awkwardly hugged.

Rather than joining the mad celebrations by supporters, Louis instead comforted Naddour who came in third position.

Louis later congratulated Whitlock on the podium and took to Twitter after winning a silver medal:

He also hit back at critics who claimed he refused to congratulate Whitlock, saying ‘because it wasn’t shown on camera doesn’t mean I didn’t show my respect. Ask Max yourself then apologise’.

Smith also said his tears and lack of smiles on the podium were because he was thinking about all his mother had done for him, adding: ‘My tears weren’t that of sadness I’m not a wimp. It was of pride and relief’.

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Whatever happened between the two should just be forgotten, we shouldn’t be putting a dampener on what was the best day Team GB have ever had at an overseas games.