New Government Plans Are Bad News For Future University Students

by : UNILAD on : 16 May 2016 16:05
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If you were thinking of going to university any time soon, then you may want to re-evaluate things, as it turns out the government is set to make tuition fees even higher. 

The increase is reportedly part of a series of new government measures which are being brought in to improve teaching in UK universities. Yeah, apparently £9,000 a year from 500,000 university students in the UK just isn’t enough to get a top notch education. Because it’s not like that amounts to a total £4.5 billion every year or anything…


According to The Independent, the new government measures could result in incredibly dramatic changes to higher education, including much higher tuition fees for students, MPs have announced.

The measures will allow institutions that score highly in terms of teaching quality to raise their annual tuition fees well above the maximum £9,000 – a move which not only puts more stress on students with herculean debts, but also draws attention to yet more Tory obstacles against the working classes.

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I’m not going to turn this article into a ramble on social inequality, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure that this is another example of the Conservative government making it even harder for students from low income households to go to a university with ‘high teaching quality’.


Not a bother if you come from a well off household though. Just because of the accidental mechanics of your standard birth, you were born into a wealthy household, and that somehow justifies your right to a better education, apparently.

Forget about how intelligent you are, or how well you did in your A-Levels, or how you wore the lead in pencils down to mere stubs while deep in revision, it’s simply a matter of whether you can afford a decent education. Christ, how Victorian.

The new measures are going to be released on Monday in a so called ‘White Paper’, titled ‘Success as a Knowledge Economy’, which aims to answer concerns over degrees resulting in little employability.


Government ministers have said that the new measures are constructed to help tackle the shortfall in some employment sectors and encourage universities to provide a higher quality of teaching.

I guess the white paper does answer their concerns, but not in a just way whatsoever.

Yes, employability will be easier, but only if you can already afford to go to a decent university in the first place, then you will be blessed with a decent job too. Hurrah!

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