New Internet Favourite To Play James Bond Is Pretty Surprising

by : UNILAD on : 23 May 2016 11:13
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The ongoing debate over who should be the next actor to play James Bond was ramped up recently after Daniel Craig reportedly turned down a £68 million to reprise the role.


Although subsequent reports insist Craig has not made his final decision, bookies have actually called off bets on Tom Hiddelstone to replace the 48-year-old, reports the Daily Mail.

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But, even though Hiddelstone is clearly the bookmakers favourite, it seems like the good people of the Internet have a very different idea of who they would like to take on the iconic role.

A fan petition using #NextBond is currently making the rounds calling for non other than Gillian Anderson to play the famed secret agent.


According to Screenrant,  the campaign was jump-started by this image:


However, it didn’t take long for Gillian herself to hear what was going on, taking to Twitter to say:

It’s Bond. Jane Bond. Thanks for all the votes! (And sorry, don’t know who made the poster, but I love it!) #NextBond.

She’s had recent roles in TV series The Fall and Hannibal, and her profile is on the up following the revival of the X-Files.

Casting her would definitely give a brand new spin to the role and in fact, Daniel Craig has already said he’d be on board with a ‘Jasmine Bond’.

The film industry is slowly beginning to introduce more diversity on screen – so a Jane Bond may not be entirely outside the realms of possibility…


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