Paris Attacks: Multiple Shootings And Explosions Across Paris

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Paris Attacks: Multiple Shootings And Explosions Across Paris

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There have been a number of shootings and explosion across Paris tonight.

The Telegraph have reported at least 40 dead after several ‘Kalashnikov and grenade’ attacks around the city.

At least one suspect opened fire at a restaurant in the 10th district of the French capital, killing 11 people, Associated Press reported.


As well as that, AP also reported that 35 people were killed at a separate incident at the Bataclan theatre, where a hostage-taking is now under way – police claim 100 hostages are being held.


According to the BBC three explosions are reported to have gone off outside a bar near the Stade de France – where France were hosting Germany in a friendly match, which has now ended.

In this clip of the match you appear to hear one of the explosions of the paris attacks.

Reports say French President Francois Hollande was watching the match and has been moved to safety. The Guardian reported some video of fans at the Stade de France on the pitch. The tweet reads: “helicopter, pitch invaded, surreal scenes.”

Deputy mayor of Paris Patrick Klugman told CNN the explosion at the Stade de France might have been caused by suicide bombers. Reuters reports that US security officials think the paris attacks were most likely coordinated. They cited an anonymous source familiar with developing intelligence assessments who said: “This clearly looks like a coordinated series of attacks.” Parisians are reportedly using the hashtag #portouverte (Open Door) to offer safety to anyone trapped out in the streets.


Reports of more attacks keep coming in:

According to The Guardian president François Hollande said a state of emergency will be declared across France. President Hollande just delivered a statement saying he would look for military aid to ensure that no further attacks could take place in Paris. As this is a breaking story we will bring you more information as it comes.

UPDATE: The paris attacks hostage situation is now over.

UPDATE: Around 100 dead in the Paris Attacks.

UPDATE: Latest death toll could exceed 120.

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