Kanye West And Donald Trump Have Been Sent Incredible April Fools’ Surprise

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Trump and Kanye. Just their very names bring the word ‘controversial’ straight to mind. 

They’re like marmite personified. You either love them or hate them – but either way, it’s hard to argue that what they just got sent isn’t pretty damn mind-blowing.

As part of a very elaborate April Fools prank, Kanye and Trump got sent over 6,000 bags of gummy dick sweets. 6000 bags!

And as if that wasn’t astounding enough, that equals about a million dicks in total, and three million calories of penis.


Apparently, 15,000 people took part in a contest on shipabagofdicks.com – a specialist company in the niche world of making gummy sweets look like blue veined sausages.

The competition allowed people to send a dick to a celebrity every time they bought one for themselves.

And naturally the website seemed incredibly pleased with the results, posting on its blog: ‘Let that sink in…A MILLION F*CKING D&*KS. 300 calories in each bag = 3,000,000 CALORIES OF D&*K’.


According to their own website, shipabagofdicks let people ‘anonymously ship a bag of dicks to friends or enemies’ for the purpose of letting them ‘tell that special someone in your life to eat a bag of dicks’.

Seems like Trump and Kanye have got one helluva lot of dick to eat.