Star Wars: Are The Prequels Sh*t Or Brilliant?


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A Happy Star Wars day to all!

We here at UNILAD are massive Star Wars fans and we’ve decided to celebrate the nerdiest time of the year by taking a closer look at the unloved stepchild of the franchise – The Prequels.

Although Episodes I-III are generally considered to be utterly terrible and have been widely panned, there are actually some people out there who love them and believe they have their rightful place in the Star Wars canon.

No, really.

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So we decided to take a closer look at the issue, and tasked two of our writers with looking at the pros and the cons of The Prequel trilogy.

First, here’s why The Prequels Are Great, You Just Don’t Know It.

And, for the opposing point of view, check out why The Prequels Are Shit, And We All Know It.

Enjoy and May the Fourth be with you!