The 10 Most Hilarious Internet Videos Of 2015


Everyone likes to LOL.

And what better time is there to catch mad video LOLZ than mid-winter, when the days are short and the nights are cold.

That’s enough talk, let’s get laughing. HO HO HO:

The Guy Who Annoyed His Girlfriend With Ikea Puns


This one was brilliant.

An Australian guy decided to spice up his trip to Ikea by dropping endless puns for the duration of the trip, and his girlfriend’s reactions are priceless.

Why DJs Should Never Be Rude To The Lighting Guy

UNILAD-Shock-amnsion8Shock Mansion

Don’t be a dickhead to the lighting guy, DJs, or you might get a massive portion of karma dropped on your head.

That’s what happened to this guy, who was apparently very rude to the tech crew at his gig.

Revenge is a dish best served as the beat drops.

The Boston Man Who Discovered A ‘Sea Monstah’

FacebookMichael BerginFacebook/Michael Bergin

Oh my Gawd.

Meet Michael Bergin. Mike was out fishing with his buddy Jay at the end of summer when he encountered some shit he ‘ain’t nevah seen before’.

Today was a great way to end summer thank u

Posted by Michael Bergin on Thursday, 17 September 2015

As Michael says on Facebook: “Today was a great way to end summer thank u.” It truly was. Thank you, Mike.

When A BBC Presenter Pretended His Hand Was An iPad


BBC Sport presenter Chris Mitchell had a bit of an episode on air, when he forgot how to finish a bulletin.

Don’t worry though, he managed to pull it back at the last minute without looking like a complete idiot.

Only joking, he did look like a complete idiot, as most people do when they pretend their hand is an iPad.

I like to think that somewhere in the BBC, there is a memo telling presenters that if they ever get stuck, just pretend you have an iPad. The viewers love it.

This Kid Who Ate The World’s Hottest Chilli And Regretted It


This kid thought it would be a good idea to eat the world’s hottest chilli.

He chows down on a Carolina Reaper pepper – the world’s hottest chilli pepper, according to the Guinness World Records.

Don’t try this at home.

When You Mix Up The Words ‘Incense’ And ‘Incest’

Pupinia StewartYouTubePupinia Stewart/YouTube

That awkward moment when you mix up the word ‘incest’ and ‘incense’, and your innocent YouTube video suddenly takes a sinister/hilarious turn.

But is it all a massive troll? Either way it’s hilarious.

The Guy Who Trolled His Girlfriend With A Claw

yt clawYouTube

Apparently the power of the retractable claw is too much for this guy.

The awesome power of the claw forces him to be a bit of bellend and annoy the shit out of his girlfriend.

When You Find Your Mum’s Cock Shaped Water Bottle In The Dishwasher


It’s a fairly #Awkward situation, and this kid doesn’t handle it well.

He recorded himself having a massive meltdown after discovering him mum’s blue cock bottle with a built in drinking straw in the dishwasher.

Where Bodybuilders Go To Look Even More Swole


As a bodybuilder, what do you do when you’ve reached a point where you struggle to look any bigger?

Well, according to this video they go to a really small model town – it shows themstrolling round the Lilleputthammer amusement park flexing their oversized muscles, showing the tiny buildings who’s boss.

A much healthier alternative to steroids…

The Kid Who Accidentally Ruined A £1 Million Painting


This is like something from an episode of Mr Bean.

A 12-year-old kid in a Taiwanese art gallery tripped and stumbled, doing what anybody would do he puts his hands out to stop his fall.

Unfortunately, however, he fell in front of a 350-year-old Paolo Porpora painting worth £1 million, and puts his hand straight through the canvas.

I hope you all felt the full force of those LOLZ, I sure did.

Stay tuned to UNILAD for many more in 2016…