These Are The Ridiculous Facts North Korean Kids Learn About Kim Jong-il

by : UNILAD on : 31 Jul 2016 16:47

You’ve really got to feel for anyone who has to live in the secretive state of North Korea.


Being a part of a totalitarian country where you’re force fed ridiculous propaganda on a daily basis, you’re essentially brainwashed from a very early age- something this new report pretty much confirms.

Kids in North Korea spend hundreds of hours every year learning facts bullshit about their psychotic leader Kim Jong-un and his delightful family.


The report has revealed that kids as young as four spend more time studying the Kims than they do on pretty much every other subject, The Korea Herald reports.


According to the study by the Korea Institute for Curriculum Evaluation, each student spends a staggering 684 hours during the curriculum learning about the lives of Kim, his father Kim Jong-il, his grandfather Kim Il-sung and grandmother Kim Jong-suk.

To put this into perspective of how fucked up this, the only classes that have more dedicated time then lessons about Kim Jong-un are for the Korean language and maths.


And what are they learning about their past leaders? A load of absolute crap, that’s what.

Notable examples include stories of Kim Jong-il’s supernatural birth on Korea’s most sacred mountain Mt. Baekdu, where a new star formed as he was born. So legit.

He was a bit of a trend setter in the fashion world too obviously, with all of us around the globe being influenced by his wonderful get ups. This type of grey is so in right now.


Lets not forget that he totally invented the hamburger too, though he donned his brand new sandwich as ‘double bread with meat’, proof that he was a pretty creative guy.


According to total facts in his biography, unlike us mere mortals he never had to use the toilet. Oh, and he could control the weather too. Maybe they’re linked? Probably.


He was also an exemplary golfer, taking to the sport naturally when he picked up his first club in 94′. He shot a 38-under par round that included no fewer than 11 holes in one. If you’re already going full on ridiculous, he might as well have just said 18 holes in one- they’d still believe him anyway.

So with all that in mind it’s no wonder that the whole world absolutely loved the ‘world’s most powerful leader’ and that North Korea was a mega important country.

And Kim Jong-un isn’t half bad either. He stole time back from the Japanese, setting their clock back by 30 minutes. Clearly a God.


But learning all these fun factoids has come at a cost, with experts saying that their huge focus on the Kims is holding their pupils back.

Educational adviser Kim Jin-sook said:

Despite the limitations (of education) as an ideological tool, we can see that new ‘educational experiments’ are being tried in North Korea. But the negative aspect is that North Korea’s political system and its policies are being reflected in education to promote and sustain the regime, and people’s perceptions are being affected by it.


Totally worth it though if you want to keep undemocratic control of an entire country.

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