These Are The Top 10 Deadliest Animals In The World

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Marsel Van Oosten

Sharks, bears, lions. These are the kind of predators you think of when you think of the world’s deadliest killers.

But looks can be deceiving, with some of the most harmful creatures to humans looking more harmless than harmful- but these are the one’s you should be scared shitless about.

So we have compiled a list of the most deadly animals to the human race, using recent figures from the World Health Organisation.

You’ll be surprised by some of these additions…


10. Crocodile – 1k

This is probably one of Mothers Nature’s most beastly creations which have stood the test of time. Sitting smugly at the top of the food chain, crocodiles have been known to eat everything from water buffalo to sharks. In order to kill its food it makes use of a technique called the “death roll” where it relentlessly flips its prey over and over in the water until it drowns and then comes apart. What a lovely thought. Avoid.


9. Tapeworm – 2k

You know that food you’re inevitably eating right now, I would put it down for this bit. These horrible things can live inside you for months and even years before you notice anything has even happened. If you do have symptoms though, they’re a list of unpleasantness, with seizures and neurological damage among them. Oh, and these parasites can affect the majority of your vital organs too. Enjoy.

8. Ascaris Round Worm – 2.5k

More prevalent in developing countries with less sanitation, these buggers can really do a lot of damage if they go unnoticed.  They usually gain access via the roundworms eggs which can be on some food and drink. Once consumed, they live in the small intestine and, if not treated can block your intestine, liver and make a hole in your gut. What a horrible way to go.

Karen Kasmauski/Science Faction/Corbis

7. Freshwater Snails – 10k

Blamed for around 10,000 deaths per year, Schistosomiasis is spread by tiny parastic snails living in rivers and lakes in tropical and subtropical. They burrow into human skin, moving closer to the abdomen and they lay their eggs. Can the mind vomit? The disease can cause paralysis of your legs and make you vomit blood, as well as more mild flu-like symptoms. Eurgh.

David Scharf/Corbis

6. Assassin Bug – 10k

Just when you thought you might get to some bigger killers, they’re only getting smaller in size. This nasty creepy crawly inhabits rural parts of the Americas and is well known for having one of the most painful insect bites known to mankind. And it gets worse, their bites can cause severe reactions in humans and they normally transmit a parasite which infects you with Chagas disease – this gruesome condition often leads to heart failure. Oh joy.

SPL/Barcroft Media/Pascal Goetgheluck

5. Tse Tse Flies – 10k

And you think houseflies are a pain – well at least we don’t have to deal with these horrible insects in most of our living rooms. Although they are similar in appearance, looks can be deceiving and they love feeding on anything’s blood (including us). They transmit a pretty grim disease called sleeping sickness, which is debilitating and swells your brain. It’s enough to make your skin crawl.

Tashi Tobgyal

4. Dog – 25k

Man’s best friend, no fucking chance. In poorer countries our beloved canines are riddled with rabies, with 90 per cent of infections in humans worldwide caused by dog bites. Albeit, the number of cases are a lot lower in the west and it is extremely rare for someone in North America or Europe to contract the horrendous disease – so don’t put start worrying about your beloved pet just yet. The majority of deaths (over 20,000) come from India due to the prevalence of stray pups.

3. Snake – 50k

This is probably one of the more obvious ones on the list. They have the cold dead eyes of a killer and their stare can be enough to give anyone terror-ridden nightmares, but we shouldn’t just worry about massive cobras and pythons, oh no, in this case, size really doesn’t matter. The saw-scaled viper is the deadliest of the lot and is only one to three feet long, but others to look out for (or stay the fuck away from) are the inland taipan, native to Australia with poison so intense it can kill in less than half an hour and the black mamba, which is one of the quickest and venomous- residing in sub-Saharan Africa. A big, fuck off bowl of NOPE!

2. Human – 475k

It could be considered a bit of a cliche, but humans are almost the deadliest animal on the planet, but not quite. This doesn’t need much explanation, but whether it’s declaring war on each other, or just simply murdering one another in cold blood, like it or not, it gets our blood pumping. Deep down we’re all ‘orrible cunts really…

1. Mosquitoes – 725k

Many of us see them as a bit of a pain in the ass, an annoyance at best perhaps, but these pesky little things are by far the most deadly creature to humans on plant earth. The WHO predicts that a staggering 725,000 people are killed each year by diseases, born by the tiny critters. An incredible 200 million people are at least incapacitated by malaria, alone of which 600,000 die. Dengue fever, yellow fever, and encephalitis are other deadly diseases that are attributed to mosquitoes and to make matters worse, anti-malaria drugs aren’t even 100 per cent effective.

For fuck sake, I’m never leaving the UK now. Better look forward to holidays in the highlands or on Welsh beaches, *sigh*.

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