These Five People Took On Big Businesses And Came Out On Top


When you hear everyday about how big companies and multi-national corporations are getting away without paying tax, destroying the environment and generally fucking shit up for everyone else there are few things more satisfying than seeing an individual get one over on them. 

Thanks to Mashable, here are some of the best examples of how the little guy has taken on the bully and come out on top this year. From bacon based disappointment to substandard sandwiches to watching paint dry – here are the guys who took on the man and won.

1. The outraged bacon-lover who had strong words for Tesco.

Good Evening Tesco,I hope this post finds you well. I just wanted to draw to your attention a truly horrific moment I…

Posted by Ben Roberts on Monday, July 20, 2015
Ben Roberts was horrified to discover there were in fact only six rashers inside. Outrage. He took to Tesco’s Facebook page to express his disappointment, and in fairness Tesco’s response was awesome.


2. The guy who started a pizza battle between phone companies.

After O2 put out an offer for free pizzas on Twitter, Dan May was a bit gutted when failed to get in on the action. In response he threatened to join rival phone network Three who then took the opportunity to send Dan free pizza to gain his custom. This prompted  O2 to go one better and offer May free pizza for a whole year. Result.

3. The sneaky emoji addition to a McDonald’s billboard.

An anonymous artist brilliantly trolled a McDonald’s billboard by adding an extra emoji on at the end. Subtle, highly effective. Good job.

4. The man who complained to Morrisons about his crooked bread.

Facebook/David Walker

After he wrote this hilarious rant on Morrison’s Facebook page, complaining about a wonky loaf of bread he’d bought from the supermarket David Walker achieved notoriety and was rewarded for his amazing complaint with two fresh loaves of Morrison’s finest white sliced.

5. The guy who complained about a rogue plain Digestive.

I have a complaint that i wish to make. This morning i woke up, as i usually do and i went down stairs to make my…

Posted by Darryl Ó Raghallaigh on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Another case of a customer feeling they had been sorely let down by supermarkets was Darryl Ó Raghallaigh, who gave Aldi a piece of his mind after finding a plain Digestive in his packet of Chocolate Digestives. Unacceptable. However, we can let the German budget chain off as Aldi posted this great response to the complaint and all was calm again.


Well done on your victories guys, really brightened up my morning.