World Reacts To Sadiq Khan’s Monumental London Mayoral Victory

by : UNILAD on : 07 May 2016 12:19
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Yesterday, the world rejoiced as the people of London monumentally voted in their masses for the capital’s first British Asian, and first Muslim, Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. 


The landslide victory crippled his biggest opponent’s, Conservative Zac Goldsmith, campaign by over 300,000 votes, leading Khan to achieve 57 per cent of the vote, which is an even bigger percentage than Boris Johnson was able to achieve back in 2012.

Representing Labour, Khan, who was previously a human rights solicitor, made history multiple times as the votes rolled in – officially becoming the first British Asian to become Mayor of London, the first Muslim to become Mayor of London, and for being victorious by the biggest voting margin of all time.

Using the hashtag #YesWeKhan, thousands took to Twitter to express their joy over Khan’s historic win:


Khan was born in Tooting, South London, in 1970, to parents who had just migrated from Pakistan.

His father, Amanullah, worked as a bus driver for almost 30 years, while his mother was a dressmaker.

However, although Khan’s colossal success marks a fine leap in multiculturalism not only for the capital, but for the United Kingdom as a whole, some people just can’t grasp that in this apparent modern era, a man of a different faith, ethnicity, class, and background has the right to be mayor.

Gargantuan hatemongers (and loosely defined ‘political party’), Britain First, decided to post this video as Khan’s votes declared him winner:


Then Britain First leader, Paul Golding, decided to take a stand against Sadiq by turning his back to the crowd during the new mayor’s victory speech:

London Mayor electionLondon Mayor electionPA

And, yes, people did take the piss:


Oh, and as if Britain First hadn’t dished out enough hate for one day, they also sent an email out to their supporters which read:

This is the final chance to devastate Sadiq Khan’s campaign and alert hundreds of thousands of Londoners to his Islamic extremism.

With Khan in charge we can only expect an increase of Islamic segregation in London leading to increased radicalisation. Even if there was a major terrorist attack I doubt if he would take appropriate action.

It is well known that he is a Muslim who is devout in his adherence to the faith.

His links with Islamic extremists have been well documented over the last several weeks, though he vehemently denies any sympathy with radical Islam.


Meanwhile, lots of hapless and ignorant Twitter users also expressed their annoyance:




While infamous news website Drudge Report decided to run with this headline:

25426-quu0v025426-quu0v0Drudge Report

Londonistan huh? Sounds exotic.

It’s almost as bizarre as this post by Nick Griffin just before the last general election:

Scotland under the SNP looks fucking brilliant, to be honest.

However, I think this one guy said it best:

Surely it’s time to forget about what religion somebody is, or what the colour of their skin is due to the unpredictable mechanics of their birth, or their gender, sexuality, class, or upbringing.

When it comes to politics, all that should matter is the politics – nothing else. And by the looks of things, Sadiq has some pretty damn good ones.

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