100-Year-Old Man Says Key To Long Life Is Red Wine And Mixed Grills

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 08 Dec 2018 16:50
Arthur cooking a mixed grillCaters

Some people believe the Earth is flat, some believe we are living in a simulated reality.

100-year-old Arthur Grisbrook believes the secret to his long life is his diet. And while flat Earthers and scientists work to give credit to their theories, it seems Arthur is living proof of his own.


The centenarian still lives by himself, does all his cooking and cleaning, and regularly plays the organ in his flat in Hereford. His favourite meal, which he cooks most days, is a mixed grill – with steak, gammon, sausages, a fried egg, mushrooms, tomatoes, peas, chips and hash browns.

Arthur believes his diet, which he washes down with two glasses red wine each night, is the secret to reaching a hundred years.


Arthur, a former Royal Engineer from Buckinghamshire, is frequently told he looks decades younger than his real age, and thinks his diet is to thank – despite what doctors tell him.


The great-grandad-of-three said:

I eat and drink what I fancy and don’t worry about what the so-called ‘experts’ say. I believe in doing things moderately and sensibly. I drink most nights with my meals.

Even in my old age I still want to live as independently as I possibly can.

With age the gullet becomes narrower, that’s just a feature of age. But mixed grills are quite tasty and easy to cook and eat.

I also like making sausage and mash and fish and chips – but of course, my mixed grill is best.


Arthur believes his unique diet has kept him fit and healthy, and says he has no health problems at all.


He added:

I eat what I like but not in excess. I have milk in my coffee and plenty of bread and butter. I have two small glasses of wine with my meals so I imagine I get plenty of iron from that.

I feel no older than being in my late 70s. I don’t feel like I’m 100. You’re only as old as you feel.

Arthur was married to his wife Laura for 66 years, before she sadly died in February this year. He served in the Royal Engineers in World War Two as a driver in Italy and North Africa.

Arthur’s daughter, 72-year-old Margaret Tyler, said:


All my friends say “your dad doesn’t look like he’s 100”. He’s very supportive, undemanding and appreciative. We always love to spend time with him. He’s a remarkable man.


Arthur’s diet isn’t for everyone, however.

100-year-old Eileen, from Lancashire, believes the secret to her own long life is something a bit simpler than a mixed grill – a can of Stella Artois and some custard creams.


Elaine, who works at the care home where Eileen lives, and where they celebrated her 100th birthday this year, said:

Eileen’s not big on bubbly so her favourite tipple was on tap – Stella Artois!

With a packet of custard creams, it’s her not-so-secret self-indulgence.

Does this mean if we live on a diet of mixed grills and red wine, followed by Stella and custard creams, we might live to 200? I’m up for giving it a go.

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