101-Year-Old Celebrates 80th Anniversary With 103-Year-Old Husband

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101-Year-Old Celebrates 80th Anniversary With 103-Year-Old HusbandKCAU-TV Sioux City/YouTube

An elderly couple have celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary, and if that’s not couple goals, I don’t know what is.

Uvie, 101, and Leroy Evatt, 103, celebrated the huge milestone this week and have given their tips on how to have a long and happy life and marriage.


The pair share a daughter, a granddaughter and great-grandchildren, and Uvie says there’s ‘no one in the world like them’.

Speaking to KCAU-TV, Uvie and Leroy credit exercising and eating right to living past 100, and named communication as ‘key’ to a happy marriage, as well as teamwork.

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As to who wears the trousers in the marriage, Leroy joked, ‘I’m the head of the house, [Uvie’s] the neck – she controls the head.’

Uvie and Leroy grew up together in Vilonia, Arkansas, and their relationship dates back so long that they can’t even remember when it started.

When asked how long they’ve been together, including before marriage, Uvie told the local news station, ‘Oh I don’t know, I wouldn’t even guess, I forgot, I don’t know, forever!’


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One of the couple’s great-grandchildren, Molly, aged 6, was asked why she loves her great-grandparents so much – whom she calls Wavie and Dado.

Molly replied, ‘I love Wavie and Dado because they are really really sweet to us.’

While Uvie and Leroy’s marriage has been a long one, the pair are yet to break the Guinness World Record for longest marriage, which currently stands at 86 years.

As per the Guinness World Book of Records, Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher currently hold the title after marrying in 1924. By the time of Herbert’s death in 2011, the pair had been married for the longest time ever recorded of 86 years and 290 days.


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