102-Year-Old Woman Finds Awesome Secret To Long Life

mildred-bowersLive 5 News

On the 31st of this month, Mildred Bowers will celebrate her 103rd birthday, a feat about 99 per cent of us will never live to see. 

However, the South Carolina centenarian has some solid advice so that we too can reach the fine old age of 103, and yes – it’s something we can all definitely get on board with, according to The Independent.

Don’t worry, it’s not eating 100 per cent organic produce, or filling our bodies with tonnes of super-foods, it’s not even keeping in great physical shape – Mildred’s advice for all of us is to have a cold pint of beer everyday, something she does religiously.


Mildred was born in 1913 meaning she was alive throughout the entirety of World War One, spent her 20s in the Great Depression, was in her 30s towards the end of WW2, and witnessed Woodstock, the Kennedy assassination, and Vietnam throughout her 50s.

Speaking to NBC, the 102-year-old said:

It’s all in the genes. I feel OK because I’m in good health. Have a beer, doctor’s orders.

The miracle of Bowers’ longevity has even left doctor’s giving her the go-ahead to have a pint of beer everyday, so now Mildred has a cold one at 4pm, day in, day out.


As if you needed more persuasion to enjoy a few beers on a regular basis, Agnes Fenton, who’s aged 111 (what the actual fuck?) claims that she managed to get to such a grand old age by drinking three Miller High Life beers and a shot of Johnie Walker Blue Label every day since she turned 50.

So it seems that moderation (sort of) is key to a long and happy life. Drink up…