106-Year-Old Celebrates Birthday By Becoming Oldest Man To Ride A Zip Wire

Oldest man to ride zip wireITV

It’s never too late to do anything, and a 106-year-old man helped prove that when he became the oldest man in the world to ride a zip wire.

Jack Reynolds is no stranger to using old age to his advantage. With two Guinness World Records under his belt already, the adventurous man has been breaking stereotypes and proving no activity has to have an age limit.

Having already become the oldest person to receive their first tattoo at the age of 104, and the oldest person to ride a non-inversion roller coaster at 105-years-old, Jack seems to be taking on a new record with each year.

2018 is the year of the zip wire, and the 106-year-old headed to GoApe in Cumbria where he was strapped into a harness and faced a 60-metre high, 400-metre long zip line with a top speed of 40mph.

Being a prime example of how age is just a number, Jack, from Derbyshire, broke the record live on Good Morning Britain – and I thought my 70-something-year-old grandma doing a headstand was impressive.

Using his courageous nature for good, the OAP took on the challenge for charity to raise money for the Stroke Association.

After he became the oldest man to soar through the air on the wire, Jack was asked about his experience. Seemingly unable to quite put the feeling of flying into words, he gave a thumbs up and said:

That speaks for itself, it was perfect.

Oldest person to ride a zip wireITV

In relation to the other challenges he’s done, he added:

It’s different but it’s better. It’s been a really good day, been worth coming for.

Jack’s daughter, Jayne, expressed her amazement at her father, saying:

God, I’m a nervous wreck, he’s absolutely incredible. In fact, I think he’s indestructible.

Oldest man to ride zip wireITV

I certainly hope he’s indestructible, because I’m looking forward to any future tasks he’s considering taking on.

Jack was presented with his Guinness World Record certificate, where the official said:

Jack this is the third birthday I’ve spent with you, and this is the most impressive yet. You never fail to impress, so congratulations on being the oldest man to ride a zip wire.

You are officially amazing. Congratulations.

Good Morning Britain shared a video of Jack’s zip wire camera, showing up close the heartwarming images of his delight as he lived the experience.

They tweeted:

It’s official!

106-year-old Jack Reynolds is now in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest person to ride zip wire.

This is the moment he set that record. Jack, you are our hero!

Jack gained a lot of praise for his birthday challenge, with many people sharing their amazement at the story.

One viewer tweeted:

Jack Reynolds celebrates his 106th birthday by riding a zip wire. Good for him. Remarkable man. Keep smiling.

Another wrote:

Watching Jack Reynolds doing a zip wire for his 106th birthday is the greatest thing I’ve ever witnessed.

I hope I’m as outgoing as Jack when I’m older!


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