13 Trucks Park Side By Side Under Bridge To Stop Man Killing Himself

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13 Trucks Park Side By Side Under Bridge To Stop Man Killing Himself13 Trucks Park Side By Side Under Bridge To Stop Man Killing HimselfFox 2 Detroit

Quick-thinking police organised 13 truckers to park under a bridge in an attempt to stop a man from killing himself.


The Michigan State Police (MSP) closed the road in Coolidge, US, as the man stood on a bridge threatening suicide.

Authorities let semi-trucks through after coming up with the unusual plan.

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According to Fox 2 Detroit, police officers were first called out just before 1am on Tuesday (April 24) to reports of a man standing on the bridge over the highway.


The police made the decision to close the eastbound lanes to begin with to allow the trucks through, and a few minutes later, the westbound lanes were also closed as more trucks showed up to cross the highway.

In total, 13 trucks parked under the overpass to shorten the distance the man would fall, if he decided to jump down.

13 Trucks Park Side By Side Under Bridge To Stop Man Killing Himself13 Trucks Park Side By Side Under Bridge To Stop Man Killing HimselfFox 2 Detroit

Thankfully, the man did not jump from the bridge and instead walked off before being taken by police to Beaumont hospital for evaluation.

The police department tweeted a photo of the scene along with the caption:

This photo does show the work troopers and local officers do to serve the public. But also in that photo is a man struggling with the decision to take his own life.

Please remember help is available through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

The response from the public was overwhelmingly positive, as you’d imagine, with people praising the police and the truckers for their quick-thinking.


One wrote: “That was a very clever idea. Thanks to the MSP and those truckers who helped save a life  Don’t forget everyone that September is Suicide Prevention Awareness month.”

Another added:

Absolutely awesome to see everyone working together in this sad situation and ultimately saving a life! Congratulations to all involved.

Somebody wrote:

Thank you for your posting. It is nice to see how police and community (the truck drivers) come together to remind someone of their value. This compassion is wonderful to see.

Another hailed the truckers as being ‘heroes’ writing: 

This is AMAZING! This demonstrates love, care, selflessness, and Heroism! You all ARE the 13 Heroes! Aboslutely Amazing!

We need more of you in this world, we thank you for reminding us that we can care! We can take a moment! We can Make a differance!!!!!! Outstanding!!!! [sic]

And finally, somebody added:

This photo brings tears — those drivers and their trucks, coordinated by police, wrapped a GIANT HUG around that person, reminding him/her that they matter and are cared for, even by complete strangers! What a beautiful, kind gesture. [sic]


If you find yourself at crisis point or considering suicide, it is so important to act straight away by calling Samaritans on 116 123 or go to A&E where you can be seen by a professional.

You can also find more information on the Mind website (mind.org.uk) or through Infoline 0300 123 3393.

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised within this article then help is available. For further details, please visit the Samaritans website.

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