14-Year-Old Becomes Millionaire From Genius Business Deals


Britain’s youngest self-made millionaire is sure to make you feel shit about your mediocre life.

At just 14, schoolboy Harvey Millington has made £2 million from a strink of business deals including property developing.

The tiny tycoon made £100,000 with his genius business plan to remind forgetful drivers when their tax was due with his business Tax Disc Reminder.


The mini businessman bought three acres of land with his profit where he intended on opening an up-market glamping site, the Metro reports.

Other businessmen smelled a jackpot though and came knocking on Harvey’s door offering £2 million for the land.

The year nine student said:

I wasn’t sure how much they were going to offer for the land, but they came up with £2 million.

It was too good to turn down. It’s a massive amount, especially for someone at my age.


His popular paper disc business received up to 400 orders a day at £4 a pop.

He got the idea when he notices his dad’s car no longer had a tax disc in the window and was intrigued how people remember to pay their bills.

His parents must be fucking chuffed. That birth was worth it.


His dad, Howard, said:  

‘But to be honest that won’t happen. I’ve taught him you have to work hard to get on in life.

‘He’s a grounded lad and is just a great businessman.’


It’s a great brainwave, I have no idea when mine is due.

Despite his extraordinary entrepreneurial flair, Harvey dreams of being a policeman and has already joined the cadets.