19 Black Families Buy Nearly 100 Acres Of Land To Build Own City

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 13 Sep 2020 16:53
19 Black Families Buy Nearly 100 Acres Of Land To Build Own Cityfreedomga2020/Instagram

A group of 19 Black families have bought nearly 97 acres of land where they hope to provide a ‘thriving safe haven for people of colour.’

The families bought the land, which is located in Wilkinson County, Georgia, back in August of this year.


Renee Walters, an investor and entrepreneur from Georgia, didn’t initially plan on buying such a large plot of land, but she did have a goal in mind: To create a safe space for Black families.

Her friend, real estate agent Ashley Scott, said as per CNN:

I’m hoping that it will be a thriving safe haven for people of colour, for Black families in particular.

Being able to create a community that is thriving, that is safe, that has agriculture and commercial businesses that are supporting one another and that dollars circulating in our community, that is our vision.


It comes after the resurgence in the Black Lives Matter movement shone a spotlight on the police brutality disproportionately suffered by the Black community.

Scott continued:

Watching our people protesting in the streets, while it is important, and I want people to stay out in the streets, bringing attention to the injustices of Black people. We needed to create a space and a place where we could be a village, again, a tribe, again.

We wanted to create this safe space where we can address our own issues and concerns.


Together Scott and Walters decided to launch their own initiative so they could protect their families from some of the dangers currently facing the Black community.

Walters said:

We both have Black husbands. We both have Black sons. And I was starting to get overwhelmed and have a sense of anxiety when my husband will leave the house to go to work.

So, it was like, okay, what can we do? And once I saw the post of Toomsboro going viral, about a town being on sale, I was like, ‘Oh, this is perfect.’


The pair then decided to reach out to friends and family to see who else might be involved in what they’ve called the Freedom Georgia Initiative. They hope that the land they’ve bought can be transformed into a new Black city called Freedom.

Walters and Scott hope the town will serve as a legacy that the 19 families involved can pass down to future generations.

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    19 families buy nearly 97 acres of land in Georgia to create a city safe for Black people