2016 Neatly Summed Up By ‘Game Of Thrones’

by : UNILAD on : 22 Dec 2016 19:39

2016 has been one hell of a year filled with highs and sadly numerous lows.


It has been about as turbulent as at least one entire series of Game Of Thrones, and that is probably the best way to commemorate the emotions of the past 365 days.

The year opened on the shittiest of feet. Firstly the world lost the immense musical talent of David Bowie on January 10, and then legendary actor Alan Rickman followed just four days later – leaving most of us wondering which way was up.

Onto February, and aside from the racial controversy that surrounded the Oscars film fans were finally able to celebrate Leonardo DiCaprio scooping the coveted Academy Award for Best Actor.


It took a long, long time, to the point that you wondered if it would ever happen! I mean The Revenant was good but was it really Leo’s most Oscar-worthy performance?

But much like Daenerys crossing the Narrow Sea, nobody really gave a fuck how they were just glad it was happening.

March came and went with landmark news such as Barack Obama visiting Cuba being completely overshadowed by Kim Kardashian.

But obviously a naked selfie where she wasn’t actually naked due to some conveniently placed black bars broke the internet instead…

The world lost another icon as the death of Prince was confirmed in April.

His tragic loss was followed in May by the tale of Harambe – the gorilla shot dead at Cincinnati Zoo after a three-year-old child fell into the silverback’s enclosure.


The news turned social media into a battle ground, and no matter what side of the argument you were on, just one innocuous comment could set a wave of keyboard warriors into your direction…

Then there was the small matter of Brexit in June – the referendum that divided households, families, and demonstrated a clear difference in opinion between the generations.

Polling from YouGov showed 75% of 18-24 year-olds voted to remain in the EU, but despite numerous challenges it looks pretty certain that Article 50 will be triggered in the not so distant future.

Nigel Farage himself said that a 52%-48% result would be too close and require a second referendum – strangely enough he changed his tune when the 52 was in the favour of leave.

Needless to say, if you were a remainer you were probably wanting to express your displeasure with dignity, but we were all guilty of a bit of this…

The Olympic games in Rio offered a brief respite from the mounting woes 2016 had so far served up.

The carnival spirit just about raising a smile in August.

Then like a freight train the news broke in September that ‘Brangelina’ were no more.


And we all had that one friend who wanted to dissect the ins and outs of where it all went wrong, but in truth was anyone really that arsed?

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 were left to rue their choices after the device was discontinued, and all users advised to return them.

Why? Just the small issue that they were blowing up left, right, and centre leaving users with some nasty burns and an entirely useless phone.

Jayda Fransen of right-wing activist group Britain First was found guilty of wearing a uniform with political objectives and religiously aggravated harassment in November.

She’d hurled abuse at a muslim woman in front of her four children in Luton while brandishing a white cross.

Fransen escaped a six-month jail term but was ordered to stump up £1,920 in costs – it did raise a wry smile on the face of those tired of her particular brand of hate.

That smile was wiped off the face quickly though, Donald Trump actually won the American Presidency on November 8.

Feelings of hope for the world certainly took a battering with that one…

Away from politics Conor McGregor continued to run his mouth, but back it up in the Octagon.

The Irish MMA Fighter who is never afraid of speaking his mind, or announcing a quick pit-stop retirement, lived up to his word and became the UFC’s first ever two-division champion, defeating Eddie Alavarez at Madison Square Garden.

All in all though it has been an exhausting year, and has left most of us craving better things from 2017.

I’m not sure the world could collectively handle much more of the same!

But if things were truly that bad then the only way is up.

Here is to seeing the back of 2016!

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