6-Year-Old Finds ‘Face Mask’ Inside McDonald’s Chicken Nugget

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6-Year-Old Finds 'Face Mask' Inside McDonald's Chicken NuggetHampshire Live/BPM Media

I know we’ve all wondered what’s really in McDonald’s chicken nuggets, but I’m pretty sure no one expected to find a face mask in them like this little girl did.

Six-year-old Maddie was happily eating her chicken nuggets when she began to choke. Rushing to help her, mum Laura Arber made the gruesome discovery that Maddie was choking on what appeared to be the remnants of a blue face mask.


Fortunately, Laura managed to stop her daughter choking on the chicken nugget, purchased from a McDonald’s branch in Hampshire. She said the mask was ‘absolutely baked into it’.

See it for yourself here:


Speaking about the distressing ordeal, Laura said:


My little daughter just started choking and I put my fingers down her throat to loop it out there was just blue with the sick. I thought what on earth is this?

I didn’t even think it could be the chicken nugget but looked over at the box and all you could see was this blue coming out of another chicken nugget in the box of 20. And the mask is cooked into it, like a part of the mixture and it’s clearly a mask. You can see the seam and how solid it is in there.

Laura went back to McDonald’s to speak to the manager of the branch, who told the mother-of-four that the nuggets were not made on site.

NuggetHampshire Live/BPM Media

She claims she wasn’t issued an apology by the manager and when she asked if they were going to continue serving the nuggets, they said yes – something which really bothered Laura.


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McDonald’s said they are now investigating the matter.

A spokesperson for the fast food chain said:

We are very sorry to hear about this customer’s experience. Food safety is of the utmost importance to us and we place great emphasis on quality control, following rigorous standards to avoid any imperfections.

When the matter was brought to the attention of our staff, we apologised, offered a full refund and asked the customer to return the item so we could further investigate the matter and isolate the affected product.

MacicesHampshire Live/BPM Media

Another statement from McDonald’s read, as per BBC News:

As soon as we were made aware of the issue we opened a full investigation with the relevant supplier, and have taken action to ensure any product from this batch is removed from restaurants.

We would like to offer a full apology to the customer in question and understand they are currently in conversation with our customer services team.

While they may have issued an apology to Laura, the 32-year-old said she’s been put off McDonald’s ‘for life’, and I don’t blame her.

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