6-Year-Olds Reveal Who They Think Should Be Prime Minister

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A primary school teacher asked his six-year-old students to weigh in on the current political crisis by giving their thoughts on who should be the next prime minister, and the kids had some interesting thoughts.

George Pointon has gained quite a following on Twitter for his hilarious threads about the opinions of his class of year twos, and this latest one has really captured how the nation as a whole is feeling about our leaders.


There’s JJ, who, like a worryingly large number of Londoners, thinks he’s better off giving his vote to a YouTuber – in this case, KSI.

Then there’s Jack, who thinks that the Hulk would be the guy to restore some order to Westminster by ruling with a firm green hand, touting his ability to ‘smash the bad guys away’.

Some of the answers are a bit more abstract, like Zahra, who suggested Big Ben could be the candidate to replace Boris Johnson, perhaps mishearing her parents talking about the giant clock running our country.


Others, while slightly more realistic, are undone by the sad inevitability of time, including Lola’s choice of Henry the 8th, which left Pointon with the unenviable task of crushing her dreams by informing her that Henry the 8th in fact died almost 500 years ago.

Some of his students thought the qualities of a prime minister were more important than their brand and image, like Ravi, who just wanted to vote for ‘someone kind’. A wholesome if naïve perspective.


Meanwhile, Emma gave an admirably honest answer, telling her teacher, ‘I don’t know, I’m not sure,’ which stood in stark contrast to Belle’s decision to place the future of the UK in the hands of Donald Trump.


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But as far as I’m concerned, the best answer of them all was given by Rory and Susanna, who Pointon explained are a newly-minted ‘power couple’ in his class. Still in the heady days of their first love, Rory and Susanna chose each other to run the country, though it’s not clear whether they’d be co-ruling, or whether, as Pointon suspects, Susanna would be behind the scenes pulling the strings.

Ultimately, these answers aren’t exactly going to help win the argument that under 18s should be given the vote, but let’s be honest, would putting a bunch of six-year-olds in charge really make things that much worse?


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