60-Year-Old Woman Has Baby After 20 Years Of Trying, Gets Immediately Dumped By Husband


Being dumped is bad, but being dumped by a husband or wife is a special kind of bad. Not only that, but being dumped at the age of 60 right after having someone’s baby. Talk about a baptism of fire. Holy cow.


That’s the horrorshow Atifa Ljajic suffered when her husband Serif Nokic cast her aside after giving birth to their child, which they’d been trying to conceive for 20 long years.

His reason? He says he’s too old to raise a child. Funny that that didn’t enter his mind during all those trips to the boneyard. But hey, it takes all sorts.


Serif, a 68-year-old diabetic said that Atifa got ‘what she wanted’ following the arrival of baby Alina.

He said:

Above all, I am a sick man, I am 68, I am a diabetic and I have a weak heart. It is not easy not to sleep all night and to hear a baby’s cry.

Atifa remains optimistic despite the conditions.

She said:


Whatever happens, whether Serif stays or leaves, I will fight to raise Alina the best way I can and to put her on the right way. I will love only for her.

I know that it will not be easy but I still believe there are good people who wll want help me.

Good for you Atifa.