91-Year-Old Cop Who’s Worked In Law Enforcement For 56 Years Has No Plans To Retire

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91-Year-Old Cop Who's Worked In Law Enforcement For 56 Years Has No Plans To RetireCBS News/Camden Police Department

By the time people reach their nineties, most have been retired at least a couple of decades, but not LC ‘Buckshot’ Smith.

At the grand old age of 91, Buckshot has been an Arkansas police officer for more than 56 years, and he has no plans to retire just yet.


Interestingly, Buckshot did once retire, having worked as a deputy sheriff for 46 years, but just a few months in, he realised that it wasn’t the life for him.

The 91-year-old is well known around his home town of Camden, where he has been protecting the streets for longer than most residents have lived.

Having joined the force back in the 1960s, Buckshot said he was attracted to becoming a police officer because of the excitement that comes with the job, with no two days ever being the same.


And, while you might think he would be making plans to slow down soon, Buckshot says he will only retire ‘when the good Lord says so,’ according to CNN.

Buckshot is known as a hardworking and dedicated member of the team, with one colleague even recalling a time he recently walked three blocks to work in the snow because he was unable to get his car out, proving age is no barrier.

Despite the fact he will turn 92 in just two months, Buckshot is still very much an active person, which is something which reflects in his work, according to public relations officer Dana Weatherby.

91-Year-Old Cop Who's Worked In Law Enforcement For 56 Years Has No Plans To RetireCamden Police Department

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During his long and illustrious career within Camden’s police department, Buckshot has worked many annual festivals, as well volunteering to go out on calls, conducting neighbourhood watch groups in a bid to keep residents feeling safe and even working as a court bailiff.

There’s no one who knows the local community in the way that Buckshot does, which has made him an integral part of the force for all those years, according to Texann Shadden, a training coordinator who works within the department.

Outside of work, the 91-year-old lives an equally full life, and loves to attend services at his local church, as well as spending quality time with his partner.

I think it’s fair to say that most of us could learn a lesson or two from Buckshot and his incredible appetite for life. Here’s to many more years of Officer Buckshot keeping Camden locals safe.


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