99-Year-Old Woman Ticks ‘Being Locked Up By Police’ Off Her Bucket List

Facebook/Politie Nijmegen-Zuid

Surely everyone’s got things they want to do in life before they die and for Annie it was to experience what it was like to be in a police cell…

Annie who is 99, wanted to be ‘locked up’ before she turns 100 and it seems a police station in the Netherlands made her slightly bizarre dream come true.

She rocked up to the police station with her hilarious request and the Netherlands police were more than happy to oblige…

Facebook/Politie Nijmegen-Zuid

They whisked Annie away to their cells and promptly popped the handcuffs over her wrists.

Far from looking frightened though, Annie grinned in ecstatic delight, which is not the normal response police are met with when handcuffing their victims…

She was then led by police into the cell and locked in, much to her enjoyment.

Facebook/Politie Nijmegen-Zuid

Glad to have helped Annie achieve one of her bucket list goals, the Netherlands police posted Annie’s joyous visit to their Facebook page.

They wrote:

She wanted to have a police cell experience.  A day to remember!

Indeed it is and by the look on Annie’s face, it won’t be something she’ll forget in a hurry.

Bijna 100 en een bucketlist:Vanochtend hebben we Annie een zeer mooie dag kunnen bezorgen door één van haar laatste…

Posted by Politie Nijmegen-Zuid on Thursday, 23 February 2017

Bless her heart.

Hopefully she’ll continue to tick things off that list before she reaches the grand old age of 100…