A British Company Has Just Offered Up Possibly The Best Internship Ever

by : UNILAD on : 15 Mar 2016 13:54
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Imagine an internship where you get paid to travel Europe testing out the best strip clubs, bars and shooting ranges. Sound too good to be true? It’s not.


For one lucky candidate, this internship could soon be a reality.

The Stag Company is offering a one-month internship to a student or recent graduate looking to gain some ‘real world experience’.

And, by real world experience, they mean bar crawls, shooting ranges and visits to strip clubs, The Mirror reports.

The intern’s job will be to sample classic stag do activities in Prague, Budapest, Bratislava and Brighton, and then report back on their findings. Oh, and everything is paid for.


Flights, accommodation, and activities are all covered by the company – all you have to do is write about your rowdy experience.

The advert says:

The successful candidate will get a unique all-expenses paid for experience of traveling to four top stag do destinations where they will take part in popular stag do activities such as adrenaline sports, bar crawls, lap dancing, shooting and more.

The Stag Company are looking for somebody who has a genuine passion for travel and documenting their new experiences with words and images, as they will be required to create content in blog and vlog formats that showcase stag activities and destinations.

Internships are perfect for students and recent graduates, looking to get some real world experience in a successful and fast-paced business. You will be supported by an experienced marketing department working for an exciting brand.


Want the job? Me too.

Apparently, if you’re ‘willing to immerse yourself in the stag weekend experience’, you just send your CV and a short video to them before March 31 to apply.

More details on possibly the world’s best internship can be found here.

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    Is this the world's best internship? Company offers one-month placement testing strip clubs and bars