A Harry Potter Advent Calendar Is About To Drop And Looks Incredible

Harry Potter Advent CalendarFunko

Calling all Harry Potter fans. Stop the search because all of your Christmas wishes are about to come true.

If you’ve ever dreamt about trailing your cloak through the snow in Hogsmeade, tucking into the magnificent Christmas feast in the Great Hall, or decorating Hogwarts with magical decorations, I have just the thing for you.

I may not be able to get an owl to hand deliver you an acceptance letter – trust me, I wish I could – but I can point you in the direction of something which will allow you to immerse yourself in the Wizarding World, just in time for the festive period.

A Harry Potter advent calendar now exists, containing 24 mini figurines relating to the magical series. All of your favourite characters are included, with a couple of props to go with it. What more could you want?

The famous trio Harry, Ron and Hermione are obviously hidden somewhere behind the doors, but its anyone’s guess as to which other characters will be discovered.

The advent calendar is a creation by Funko, and although it might not be available to buy just yet, the company have teased it’s ‘coming soon’.

Harry Potter Advent CalendarFunko

Their website says:

Countdown to Christmas with a line of Harry Potter-themed pocket Pop!

Featuring the Wizarding World’s favorite witches, wizards, beasts, ghosts and house elves, this Harry Potter advent calendar promises a very jolly Christmas indeed, especially when paired with treacle tart and a mug of hot Butterbeer.

Just like a regular advent calendar, you can count down the days in the lead up to Christmas day by opening the doors and receiving a small gift.

But whereas in a chocolate calendar, you tend to get the same chocolate every day (which can get a tad boring), with this one you have no idea which character you’ll be surprised with each day.

And if you can’t quite face the thought of 24 days without chocolate, you can still get your fix by nipping to your local shop and grabbing one for a couple of quid. Sorted!

According to Bustle, the calendar is available to pre-order now from Amazon, for $54.99 (approximately £41). However, Amazon’s website says the item is ‘currently unavailable’, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see when we’ll be able to get our hands on it.

If you can’t wait though and need a bit of magic in your life, a Harry Potter printer is available to pre-order from Amazon right now, meaning you can finally make your photos move just like they do in the Wizarding World!

The Harry Potter Photo and Video printer is a collaboration between Lifeprint and Warner Bros. and allows users to print out pictures which then come to life using their custom app.

So how does it work? According to Lifeprint, the printer enables you to embed moving video inside pictures, hence the illusion that the photo is moving. Once you’ve done that, you can decide either to print them out or share them online.

Sadly, this means that magic doesn’t really exist (sorry kids) and we do have to rely on an app in order to make the pictures move. Still, it’s the closest us muggles have ever got to experiencing true magic, so I’ll take it!

The printer is available to pre-order here for £149.99.

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