A Police Officer Joined Someone’s Group Chat And It Was Perfect

by : UNILAD on : 17 Mar 2017 09:00

You wouldn’t think a policeman would bust in on someone’s group chat, but for this drunken student, this is exactly what happened.


Intoxicated Cameron got so wasted he got booted out of a nightclub and then picked up by police, except he was so out of it, he had no idea where he lived…

The police decided there was only one thing to do and crashed into Cameron’s group chat party on his phone and started chatting with his mates.


They wrote:


 Hello it’s the police on Cameron’s phone. He is very drunk and we dropping him home.

He does not know what number Woodville Road he lives on.

Although his friends weren’t too sure if it was genuine or a prank, they replied with his address anyway, but were still pretty sure it was all a set up.

To prove he wasn’t faking it, the policeman took a selfie and sent it to the group and watched as the truth dawned on the rest of the gang.

On top of all of that, to prove what a joker he was, he changed Cameron’s chat name to ‘Such a VIP he has a Police escort.’

What a high class prankster.

I suppose if you’re going to get escorted home in a police car for being completely rotten, you’re asking to get the piss ripped out of you…


Although not necessarily by a policeman but still. Fair pay to him, he saw a golden opportunity and he grabbed it.

Looks like Cameron got owned…

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