A Possible Heir To Prince’s £200m Fortune May Have Been Found

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A lawyer claims to have found a new heir to Prince’s multimillion pound estate.

Michael Padden has filed legal documents showing evidence that suggests Prince had a half-brother, Duane Nelson, who had a son, who in turn had a daughter.

Both Mr Nelson and his son have passed away, but if the girl is actually the popstar’s grandniece she has a claim on his fortune, reports Sky News.

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The singer died in an elevator at his home in Minnesota, on 21 April, he was 57. Unusually for someone with such a large estate he hadn’t made a will, which is why lawyers are scrambling to find blood relatives.

They are still unsure what caused Prince’s death but detectives are investigating whether he died of a prescription drug overdose.

The girl, who may be about to inherit millions of dollars, is believed to be younger than 16. Mr Padden hasn’t actually been able to contact her directly yet so she is blissfully unaware that her life may be about to change forever.

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Mr Padden said he felt, “an ethical obligation to advise [the girl’s mother] of the situation that her daughter could be a legitimate heir of an estate potentially valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars”.

Prince’s family are not commenting on potential heirs. Prince’s is only known to have had one child, a son named Boy Gregory, who tragically died just a week old in 1996.

Lets hope that the Purple Prince’s estate squabbles get sorted soon so we can get back to celebrating his music.