A Quarter Of Brits Want To Be A Record Breaker

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The 100 meters, land speed record, maybe the most cheese crackers eaten in an hour, it seems Brits want to find themselves in the hallowed pages of the Guinness Book of Records.

In fact, the most toilet seats broken by the head in a minute, the longest time spent kissing a car and the farthest eyeball protrusion are among the world’s weirdest records, according to Brits.

Commissioned by Lottoland, the research of 2,000 UK adults also found a fifth would like to get into the Guinness World Records – although just one in 20 think they ever will.

Nigel Birrell, CEO for Lottoland, which has recently secured the Guinness World Records title for the largest online gambling pay-out, said:

It’s no surprise that so many people would like to secure a place in the hall of fame that is the Guinness World Records .

It’s such a credible and time-honoured institution that is known worldwide, and at Lottoland we were absolutely delighted to secure our own place in the Guinness World Records.

Fastest 30 metres on a scooter by a dog, most marshmallows caught by mouth in one minute and the largest clogs also appear in the top 50 weirdest records.

A quarter dreamt of featuring in it at some stage and five per cent have attempted to do just that. One in 20 have been so eager to appear in the record book they have even lied about being in it.

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Her mother chose the five lucky numbers (14, 19, 21, 30, 32) and the two Euro numbers (4 and 7) which matched and brought her this record-breaking win.

Nigel Birrell said:

To celebrate our inclusion into The Guinness World Records, for the coming two weeks, Lottoland will be running a special EuroMillionaire jackpot of £90m with its first draw this Friday 5th October.

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1. Longest distance keeping a table lifted with teeth
2. Longest metal coil passed through the nose and out of the mouth
3. Most canned drinks opened by a parrot in one minute
4. Longest time to kiss a car
5. Most toilet seats broken by the head in one minute
6. Most mousetraps released on the tongue in one minute
7. Farthest eyeball protrusion
8. First person to surf a wave while on fire
9. Most concrete blocks broken consecutively whilst holding a raw egg
10. The longest fingernails

11. Largest collection of rubber ducks
12. Most back-flips performed while swallowing a sword in one minute
13. Most apples held in the mouth and cut in half by chainsaw
14. Longest distance pulled, while on fire, by a horse
15. Deepest underwater cycling
16. Heaviest weight pulled by pierced ears
17. The largest gathering of people dressed as Mahatma Gandhi
18. Fastest time to drink a bottle of ketchup
19. Most eggs broken with a whip in 30 seconds

A bowl of eggsPexels

20. Fasted 30 metres on a scooter by a dog
21. Most fire wicks attached to the body simultaneously
22. Stretchiest skin
23. Most spoons balanced on a human body
24. Most marshmallows caught by mouth in one minute
25. Most beer bottles opened with the feet in one minute
26. Longest duration balancing a chainsaw on the chin
27. Most consecutive stairs climbed while balancing a person on the head
28. Hairiest teenager
29. Longest time spent in direct, full body contact with snow
30. Most spears caught underwater in one minute


31. Fastest marathon dressed as a crustacean
32. Fastest 100 metre hurdles wearing swim fins
33. Most M&M’s/Smarties eaten in one minute with chopsticks
34. Most teeth in a mouth
35. Most eggs crushed with the head in one minute
36. Most fingers and toes (polydactylism) – living person
37. Fastest 50 metres walking on hands with a football (soccer ball) between the legs
38. Most jelly beans moved using a straw in one minute
39. Largest gathering of Elvis impersonators
40. Largest gathering of people dressed as Peter Pan


41. Most Big Macs eaten
42. Largest gathering of people dressed as Wally (from Where’s Wally?)
43. Largest clogs
44. Most ice cream scoops balanced on a cone
45. Longest shout
46. Largest gathering of people wearing helmets
47. Highest hairstyle
48. Fastest time to eat all chocolates from an Advent calendar
49. Most people playing Sudoku simultaneously
50. Largest chocolate coin

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