A Third Of Brits Think They Could Do A Better Job Than Their Boss

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According to a recent study, over a third of Brits think they could do a better job than their boss.

Surveying 2,000 employees, two in five told researchers they don’t think their superior is any good at their job with almost one in five admitting they hate their manager.

One in ten would even go as far to describe their boss as ‘arrogant’ or ‘two-faced’ with more than one fifth of those surveyed saying they have no respect for their superior.

An astonishing 62 per cent of Brits have reportedly left a role just to get away from their terrible boss.


Animal charity The Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad (SPANA) commissioned the research.

Geoffrey Dennis, Chief Executive of SPANA, said:

Having a boss you struggle to get on with can certainly be a source of annoyance and stress.

And it’s clear that many people have had bad experiences at some point in their careers.

A bad boss can clearly have a major impact on job satisfaction, but thankfully many workers in Britain have a reasonable working environment and job security.

There are many good managers out there who look after their employees and ensure their working conditions are acceptable.


The study also found out what Brits consider to be the traits of a bad boss with one fifth highlighting a failure to communicate clearly being key.

Brits also dislike inconsistency, delegating too much work, taking credit for the success of others and being unable to take a joke despite happily dishing them out.

Those surveyed also said annoying catchphrases, an awful dress sense and never taking part in the office tea round were annoying traits of a bad manager.


The research also revealed one fifth of Brits think their boss is the single worst thing about their current role.

In fact more than one third admitted they are delighted when they arrive at work and realise their boss is unexpectedly out for the day.

One in four workers confessed they look forward to their boss taking a holiday day more than their own.


Here are the top ten traits of a bad boss as revealed by the study:

1. Doesn’t communicate well
2. I think they’re inconsistent
3. Sets their own rules
4. Doesn’t understand my work
5. I think they’re incompetent
6. Patronises me
7. Sets a bad example
8. Never says thank you
9. Says one thing and does another
10. Has mood swings

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