Abandoned Dog Cries Waiting For Owner Outside Supermarket For Six Months


A dog cried for six months outside the supermarket he was abandoned at, in the hope that his owner would return for him.

The dog was found outside a supermarket in Taiwan, where he had patiently waited for nearly half a year to no avail.

Heartbreakingly, his owner never intended to return and the dog was left outside by himself, in the cold.

In a post to a group on Facebook, a member of the public posted a video of the dog in the hope that someone would offer to take him in.

Monter Wu wrote, alongside the video and translated to English:

Although some people here will occasionally feed it, but the weather is so cold, it must remember the warmth of having a home…

Is anyone willing to give it a warm home?

The concerned passer-by inquired as to the dog’s past and found that he had been abandoned by a truck driver nearly half a year before, but he still waited in the hope that he would come back.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the dog was apparently well trained and would snuggle up to passers-by who patted him or fed him.

The abandoned pup would also attempt to run after every van he saw, believing it to be his previous owner and wanting to go home.

Although Ms Wu explained that she was not able to keep the dog because of her living situation, the Facebook post quickly went viral and attracted a lot of attention from people inquiring about looking after the dog.

Luckily, the founder of the Taiwanese Facebook group also got involved and helped drive the dog to the vet for an initial medical examination, including blood tests. He was found to be around two to three years old and largely healthy, although the vet did provide him with medication to prevent heartworms.

Not only that, but the dog has found a new home just in time for the new year. An update to the original Facebook post confirmed the dog had been rescued.

It read, translated to English:

The dog has been brought home in Fengyuan, Mr. Wang, and has a warm home. Thank you for your interest in cute dogs during this time. After that, there will be any news about the dog, and I will share it with you. Thank you!!!

The new owner took the dog home on the New Year’s Day, hopefully signalling a permanent change for the better in the pup’s life.

Ms Wu said she was ‘so happy’ that the dog ‘finally has a warm home’ with his new owner, Mr Wang.

Despite the heartbreaking start to the story, I’m so happy the pup has finally been rescued and now has somewhere he can call his forever home.

As of yet, there hasn’t been any pictures of the dog in his new home, but I’m keeping my eyes peeled and you lot will be the first to hear about it if I see anything.

I’m not crying, you are.

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