‘Academic’ Claims Gay Men Have Worm In Bum That Feeds On Semen


A woman who describes herself as an ‘academic’ has claimed gay men have a worm in their bum which feeds on semen and gives them ‘urges’.


Mariam Al-Sohel is from Kuwait, where homosexuality is criminalised and can hold lengthy prison sentences.

She appeared on Scope TV, a broadcaster based in Kuwait City, where she expressed beliefs that she has found a ‘cure’ for homosexuality.


Watch it here – but be warned you might have to avoid punching your screen in frustration at her ridiculous comments:

After mentioning the ‘anal worm’, she actually said ‘by the way, this is all science, so you have nothing to be ashamed of’. Another woman agreed, saying ‘it’s all in the books’. WHAT BOOKS?

The purported anti-gay researcher reportedly claimed there are four genders – ‘male, female, feminine gay men and butch lesbians’, and said that she’d found therapeutic suppositories which ‘curb the sexual urges’, which develop ‘when a person is sexually attacked’.

She went on to say this urge then persists because of an ‘anal worm that feeds on semen’. To prevent this apparent ‘urge’, then, Mariam has supposedly produced suppositories which are designed to exterminate the worm.


She presented different, colour-coded suppositories for men and women, though admitted they were made up of the exact same ingredients, and said the treatment also involved eating a balanced diet of bitter, sour, salty and sweet foods in order to ‘cleanse the body of poisons’.

The footage of Mariam’s interview was shared on Twitter by US station MEMRI Reports, which covers stories from the Middle East. It has since been shared hundreds of times, with many baffled and shocked people commenting on the ridiculous claims.

One person wrote:


You just couldn’t write it.

While another commented:

I was just thinking they must make this stuff up as it’s just too ridiculous.

A third frustrated Twitter user replied:

What a fucking moron. it’s amazing the lengths some bigoted homophobes will go too. Anyone with half a brain will understand she’s talking out her ass! To think she calls herself an academic is laughable

Let’s hope nobody actually takes Mariam’s claims seriously – she’s definitely not an ‘academic’ I’d ever like to be educated by.

Her claims are not only entirely untrue, but they’re also offensive, misleading and just outright ridiculous.

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